Spacebrat Gleam NFT gets massive adoption across multiple blockchains

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Jasmine Monsegue, also known as Spacebrat, was surprised when her first free NFT release, Gleam, received an overwhelming response. In the first 24 hours of the 48-hour minting period facilitated by the Holograph protocol, the NFT was minted over 300,000 times across various blockchain networks.

“[I] cannot believe planet Earth minted my first NFT 30,762 times in the last 23 hours,” she wrote on Twitter. “You guys are on another level!”

With the Holograph protocol, users can bridge their NFTs, unique digital tokens representing ownership of various items, including digital art, across multiple blockchain networks. Currently, the supported chains include Ethereum, Avalanche, BNB Chain and Polygon.

Monsegue’s artistic creations have garnered recognition and been showcased in prestigious publications like Vogue and Hypebeast. The artwork in the Gleam NFT mint was previously exhibited at WHAAM!, a renowned art gallery in New York. This piece was a part of Monsegue’s solo exhibition, Pipe Dream.

According to a press release from Holograph, the artist has an impressive portfolio that includes mural designs for OFF WHITE, a brand associated with Virgil Abloh and commissioned work for Drake. However, her collaboration with Holograph signifies her initial venture into the Web3 realm.

While the NFT can be found on secondary marketplaces such as OpenSea, each blockchain network has its dedicated page specifically tailored to the respective versions of Gleam. This means there are separate sites for Ethereum-based iterations of the artwork and those on the Polygon network.

Initially, collectors could acquire the NFT for free on Holograph’s website for two days. They could select the preferred blockchain network to mint their collectible during this timeframe. However, collectors were still responsible for covering transaction costs.

Minting Gleam

A spokesperson from Holograph revealed that based on data obtained through a Dune query, out of the overall 301,798 mintings of Gleam, around 203,000 NFTs were specifically minted on Polygon.

The number of mintings on Polygon surpassed the quantities minted on other chains like Avalanche (around 53,000) and BNB Chain (around 46,000) by a significant margin. On Ethereum, the collectible was minted only 82 times.

The spokesperson revealed that approximately 164,000 unique wallets participated in the open-edition minting process. Among these wallets, one particular wallet minted Gleam 1,241 times, while at least 50 other wallets minted Gleam more than 100 times.

Holograph initiated its first collaboration in April by launching the open edition mint of Dan Witz’s artwork, Mosh Pit 2000. Collectors had the opportunity to mint this artwork for $45, resulting in 444 mints. However, when comparing the two, Spacebrat’s Gleam gained considerably more attention and traction.

Other NFT drops in May

In addition to Gleam, another notable NFT release took place in May. Jisu, a Korean-American artist, debuted on Nifty Gateway with an exceptional collection, The Fate. This collection is a tribute to her expertise in character design.

Drawing inspiration from Greek mythology, each artwork within this remarkable collection provides a distinct perspective on the modern concept of “fate.”

On May 2, at the Vū Nashville event, Jeremy Cowart showcased his creative process to the public for the first time. In an extraordinary project, the versatile artist transformed himself into a canvas, donning a white mask and projecting many images onto his body.

In a brief span of 20 minutes, this endeavor gave birth to 10,000 NFTs. Following a week-long wait, these NFTs were gradually released in several phases on the OpenSea platform, starting May 9.

ArtVndngMchn: Mission Wonderful is an innovative mixed-media undertaking by Joe Chiappetta, an acclaimed author and cartoonist. This project combines various artistic elements, including an 88-page book created in collaboration with 19 artists.


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