OKX partners with Alex Greenwood to launch NFT sneaker exhibition

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Manchester United's first women's team's captain Alex Greenwood (left), with her now successor Katie Zelem (right)., tags: okx nft - CC BY-SA
Manchester United’s first women’s team’s captain Alex Greenwood (left), with her now successor Katie Zelem (right). – CC BY-SA

Web3 technology company and crypto exchange OKX has partnered with professional soccer player Alex Greenwood from Manchester City’s women’s team to introduce an exhibition within the OKX Collective metaverse. The partnership will present three unique NFT sneakers created by Greenwood.

Greenwood and the well-known NFT designer Nas teamed up to create NFT sneakers that emphasize crucial qualities for success in football and life. These sneakers — Adaptable, Calm & Patience and Commitment & Passion — are free through an airdrop or by purchasing the AG5 x OKX NFT collection on the OKX NFT Marketplace.

OKX global chief marketing officer Haider Rafique explained that once the metaverse is established, the objective is to enrich the user experience by offering curated objects and items that fans are eager to engage with and collect.

He maintained that this approach provides a fantastic opportunity to involve fans in the experience and allows them to interact with their beloved athletes or public figures in a novel and unprecedented manner. Rafique also emphasized that this is the key to transforming the metaverse into a dynamic and immersive environment.

Those who explore the OKX Collective metaverse will have the opportunity to witness exclusive behind-the-scenes material showcasing the creative journey of Greenwood and Nas. They can also compete to win exciting prizes, such as passes to team training, match tickets and numerous other rewards.

Supporters will have the chance to relive the DJ set in the metaverse delivered by Jack Grealish and Oliver Heldens, along with engaging in informative metaverse encounters featuring Manchester City captain İlkay Gündoğan and defender Rúben Dias.

In addition to partnering with Manchester City, the current champions of the English Premier League, OKX has established collaborations with other prominent global brands and athletes. These include McLaren Formula 1, The Tribeca Festival, professional golfer Ian Poulter, Olympic athlete Scotty James and Formula 1 driver Daniel Ricciardo.

OKX wallet, BTC Machines

Aside from releasing Greenwood NFTs this month, OKX has introduced a novel functionality within the OKX Wallet mobile app. This feature allows users to generate AI-powered NFTs called PFPs, short for profile pictures.

The OKX NFT Marketplace initiated the AI Robot NFT Creative Contest on May 10 to commemorate this launch. Participants are encouraged to design NFTs using AI technology, with an opportunity to win a portion of the 10,000 USDT prize pool.

According to the official statement, the latest addition to OKX Wallet empowers users to generate customized NFTs by inputting various prompts such as their surroundings, facial features, colors, aesthetics and other factors. This enhanced feature offers users a seamless and inventive avenue to unleash their creativity and establish themselves as NFT artists.

Using the new AI PFP feature, users can generate up to 10 daily prompts. Within this feature, users are granted a selection of 27 art styles and the opportunity to mint their NFTs without cost through the Lazy Minting mechanism.

Instead of users bearing the gas fees during creation, buyers will cover these fees during sales. Moreover, users can upload a reference image and determine the influence of various factors in crafting similar NFTs.

It is also worth mentioning that the BTC Machines, a prominent and highly engaged ecosystem in the Bitcoin Ordinals community, has partnered with OKX NFT Marketplace.

Together, they have launched an exciting airdrop campaign named the BTC Machine Giveaway Raffle.

This campaign offers users a unique chance to receive 326 NFT airdrops from BTC Machine’s esteemed collection of digital artifacts.

To participate in the airdrop campaign, users must create and verify their OKX Wallet while maintaining a minimum balance of 0.001 BTC. Eligible participants would be automatically enrolled in a Giveaway Raffle for an opportunity to receive BTC Machine NFTs.

The campaign commenced on May 11. The outcomes will be announced on OKX’s Twitter and website on May 18.


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