Rated-R mafia’s SinVerse metaverse unveils beta version to public

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Since its debut at the 2021 GITEX conference, the rated-R mafia metaverse SinVerse has made its beta version available to the public.

As the first metaverse to integrate artificial intelligence technology, SinVerse offers players an immersive and dynamic virtual experience. It has the potential to revolutionize the way players engage with and utilize virtual worlds, according to CoinPedia.

SinVerse offers players to explore a realm where power, deception and domination reign supreme. They can purchase virtual land and develop their own real estate empires.

Inspired by infamous cities from the real world, SinVerse boasts 17 districts that provide a chilling backdrop for players to engage in nefarious activities reminiscent of the popular GTA game series.

Players can establish their own factions, orchestrate hostile takeovers, run gun-running cartels and even rob banks to assert their dominance in the SinVerse underworld.

Diverse gaming and economic opportunities

The metaverse also presents various mini-games for players seeking a break from the dark side. These games challenge and entertain players with shooting range competitions, pick-and-drop challenges and a Squid Game, where participants must race to the finish line without getting shot.

Prizes, including SIN tokens — the metaverse’s native currency — are awarded to those who conquer these challenges. The SIN token is also available for trading on major exchanges like Gate.io, MEXC and Kucoin.

In addition to the games, SinVerse now includes coffee shops and weed farms in its virtual world. This expansion allows players to create their own businesses and participate in a player-run economy.

Rutherford Atayobo, chief operations officer and co-founder of SinVerse, expressed his excitement to lead innovation in the metaverse and Web3 gaming.

“The integration of AI technology takes SinVerse to the next level and sets the stage for a new era of virtual experiences,” he said. “Our goal is to make SIN token, our native token, more valuable and useful for the community by providing more utilities and use cases for it.”

According to Atayobo, gaming and blockchain technology are a natural match in SinVerse. The team is dedicated to creating a new type of gaming experience that is immersive, social and secure. They aim to drive the adoption of Web3 gaming and establish a model for other companies to follow by combining blockchain technology with gaming.

“Our platform is decentralized and owned by users, which will empower game developers and users alike, creating a more equitable and democratic gaming ecosystem.”

Rutherford Atayobo, SinVerse co-founder and chief operations officer

Despite challenging market conditions in Web3 gaming, SinVerse remains committed to its development and growth. The project has expanded its team with prominent 3D game developers to ensure it thrives and evolves.

Taking a stand against fraud and cheating

SinVerse has incorporated advanced AI technology to tackle cheating in its platform’s games. Powered by AI, non-player characters (NPCs) are now equipped to detect and prevent cheating, ensuring a fair and enjoyable gaming environment for all participants.

This technology has been effective in the immensely popular game “GTA on the blockchain,” a highlight of the SinVerse platform. The metaverse continues implementing advanced kill logic and other algorithms to enhance the immersive gaming experience.

For the blockchain, SinVerse established the platform on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC). According to Atayobo, BSC’s blockchain infrastructure is tailored for fast and cost-effective transactions, making it an ideal fit for gaming and commerce purposes. BSC also has a large and active community that can support and promote the SinVerse platform.

“By building on BSC, we believe that we can provide a competitive edge to our platform and deliver a high-quality user experience,” said Atayobo to ZyCrypto.

Partnerships and expansion

Earlier this year, SinVerse registered the domain name SinVerse.AI, hinting at potential future partnerships in AI technology. One of these partnerships is with VAIOT, which specializes in blockchain-based AI solutions.

Together, they aim to develop “meta agreements” for in-game businesses. This feature empowers users to establish and operate their own businesses using NFT business licenses. It opens up possibilities for in-game economies and player-driven commerce, further enhancing the utility of the SIN token.

With a clear development plan, the metaverse is poised to achieve significant achievements in the upcoming months. SinVerse intends to secure a listing on a prominent tier-one exchange this quarter, solidifying its position as a pioneering force in the blockchain gaming industry.

The platform’s team is also preparing to unveil exciting partnerships with renowned technology companies. It showcases the metaverse’s boundless potential for growth and innovation, said CoinPedia.

Since its launch, SinVerse Studios has rapidly gained a massive community following. The studio has also achieved a significant milestone recently through a successful land sale, generating $3.5 million in revenue.

To spread awareness on a global scale, SinVerse has partnered with a leading marketing firm to launch an aggressive marketing campaign.

Future developments

In April, SinVerse Studios secured a substantial investment deal worth seven digits, led by DWF Labs. This partnership is set to boost the growth of SinVerse Studios and establish its position as a leader in the industry.

The investment from DWF Labs will provide strategic support and aid in accelerating the company’s ambitious plans for the future.

One of the key developments resulting from this partnership is the creation of the NFT Cube, the first-ever Web3 Gaming console. This innovation will elevate SinVerse Studios to new heights in the gaming industry, according to Bitcoin.com.

Andrei Grachev, managing partner of DWF Labs, showed enthusiasm for the collaboration. He said they are proud to be lead investors and strategic partners for SinVerse Studios.

Grachev emphasized the impressive 18 months of development that have gone into building SinVerse Studios’ vision. He showed confidence in their ability to create a high-quality, engaging metaverse project.

DWF Labs aims to contribute its expertise, capital and strategic guidance to accelerate SinVerse Studios’s growth and shape the gaming industry’s future.

Atayobo also conveyed his enthusiasm for the partnership, highlighting DWF Labs’ leading position in the Web3 ecosystem. He believes that with DWF Labs’ extensive connections and strategic support, SinVerse Studios is well-positioned to become one of the major players in the Web3 space.

The collaboration between SinVerse Studios and DWF Labs marks an important milestone in Blockchain gaming advancement. Industry projections estimate that the Blockchain gaming sector could reach approximately $375 billion.


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