Ubisoft unveils first blockchain game in collaboration with Oasys

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In a significant step toward becoming a leader in the blockchain gaming industry, Ubisoft has revealed the launch of its first blockchain game, Champions Tactics: Grimoria Chronicles. The announcement took place during Oasys’ Special Event in Japan.

Japan’s deep gaming heritage and technological expertise are ideal for this type of project. The country’s Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry sponsored the event. This move reflects Japan’s progressive stance on Web3 applications.

Ubisoft’s upcoming tactical role-playing game will introduce players to the mysterious and mystical realm of Grimoria.

They will be tasked with forming a team of champions and engaging in intense battles with other gamers. The game seeks to captivate players through its intricate gameplay and immersive features.

The company’s decision to utilize blockchain technology for Champions Tactics: Grimoria Chronicles demonstrates its commitment to developing new and innovative ways to enhance the gaming experience.

Using the Oasys network, an energy-efficient platform, Ubisoft will be able to create more stable and authentic ownership of its in-game assets.

The game’s concept, lore and mechanics are still under wraps. Ubisoft, however, is actively engaged with its fans to build anticipation for the upcoming game.

Fans can stay updated with the latest updates through its official Twitter account and Discord channel. The company also announced that it would give away a free drop during the game’s debut.

The debut of Champions Tactics: Grimoria Chronicles is a significant moment for the gaming industry and Ubisoft. By integrating blockchain technology into its game, the company aims to redefine how ownership, gameplay and economies are operated in games.

Even though Ubisoft has not announced the game’s release date, it will still be “playable on PC through a dedicated game client.”

More updates from Oasys’ special Event

The Oasys Special Event provided attendees with updates and information about upcoming titles and partnerships. It generated buzz and anticipation among blockchain gaming enthusiasts.

One of the most notable projects that was showcased during the event was double jump. tokyo’s (DJT) blockchain game, Battle of Three Kingdoms.

The game uses SEGA’s renowned IP, Sangokushi Taisen. Its announcement wowed the audience with its captivating artwork.

Game developer MIXI also announced a partnership with Oasys for content development. This collaboration aims to create an even more immersive and rewarding blockchain gaming experience.

It’s worth noting that MIXI has been an Oasys validator since April 2023, further solidifying their involvement.

Game developer DMM.com/DM2C Studio revealed the release of its first title, Coin Musume, on the DMM exclusive Verse. It also debuted a teaser for its upcoming title, KanpaniGirls Revolt. In addition, BLOCKSMITH&Co. unveiled the new vertical short video app, QAQA.

During the event, mobile game development and publishing company Enish revealed that it plans to create its own Verse.

It then announced the launch of its first game, De:Lithe Last Memories. This marks the company’s commitment to and desire to influence the blockchain gaming industry significantly.

Digital Entertainment Asset also introduced new GameFi content. It will feature gamification and token incentives on Oasys’ Verse. The company’s goal is to create games that are entertaining and address social issues.

Oasys partners with Bandai Namco Research, DJT

Oasys aims to provide an ecosystem enabling blockchain-based games’ development and distribution. The company addresses game developers’ challenges when using blockchain technology through its various partnerships.

These include the establishment of an efficient and fast network, the use of a blockchain and the support of prominent AAA developers.

In this regard, Oasys has announced that it is working with the research institute of Bandai Namco to develop a second NFT project. The company said it will create a dedicated wallet for the Oasys blockchain.

Oasys’ advisor Hajime Nakatani will supervise the second project, OASYX series 2: RYUZO. He is best known for his work on the popular Tekken series.

According to Daiki Moriyama, the director of Oasys, the company is excited to launch the OASYX series 2. It follows the success of the first project, which attracted over 50,000 participants. The new project will focus on developing NFTs for gamers.

“With the guidance from Hajime Nakatani, one of the legendary creators in our industry, and adapting leading-edge technologies to enhance the NFT experience, OASYX will continue to accelerate adoption of NFTs and blockchain gaming, and bring the endless potential of blockchain gaming to reality,” Moriyama said.

As the director and producer of the second series, Nakatani will oversee the art direction and theme of the game.

He has been involved in developing various mobile games and arcade games, such as Galaxian and RollingThunder. He also worked as the studio supervisor for Bandai Namco Games.

Nakatani established Bandai Namco Research in 2019 to create new value in the entertainment industry by developing cutting-edge technologies such as xR and AI. He joined the company in 2022.

According to Nakatani, RYUZO is being developed in collaboration with DJT, Oasys and Bandai Namco Research. Through the partnership, the companies can share the knowledge and experiences gained from their research with the global community.

“At Bandai Namco Research and Attructure, we are researching AI life forms, how organisms grow and evolve through environment and behavior,” Nakatani said.

“I think it is wonderful that we can share this growth and evolution with everyone in the world of NFTs through this project with OASYS and DJT. I look forward to continue pursuing the possibilities of new entertainment.”

The RYUZO project will also use artificial intelligence (AI), allowing users to nurture their NFTs. They can hatch their MARYU into RYU. Then, the RYU token becomes a non-transferable Soulbound Token.

An RYU can create new versions of MARYU, which can be issued to the next generation. These new versions will be transferred to the Oasys Verses blockchain.

The seven Verses that can bridge RYU and MARYU are Home, MCH, Chain, TCG, Saakuru, Yoldo and DM2 Verses. The developers also have plans to add more Verses later on.

The utility of OASYX’s NFT allows users to benefit from Oasys’ ecosystem. The company also plans to work with other game projects to develop additional features, such as new characters and in-game gadgets.

The RYU and MARYU functions will be able to be interconnected on June 29. The latter’s nurturing function will be released later in July.


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