NFT Champions to release new digital collectibles with OpenSea

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Play-to-earn blockchain strategy game NFT Champions will release a new collection of virtual collectibles in partnership with NFT marketplace OpenSea.

Collectors of these new digital collectibles will be given a chance to gain early access to NFT Champions’ metaverse game – Celestia Ultimate. NFT Champions also enables players to own NFT creatures and earn $CHAMP, the platform’s native token, on the Polygon network.

The upcoming Celestia Ultimate game, set to launch by year-end, will utilize the Land NFT collection, available for purchase from April 22 to April 27.

Players who own this collection can use the Land and allow other players to use it in exchange for tokens. Landowners can also dictate the cost of purchasing and developing the Land.

According to the official blog, breeding new Champions is exclusively tied to the Land NFT collection. When Champions participate in battles on Land, there is a possibility that a Champion may drop an egg as a reward. Once the owner obtains the egg, it can be incubated briefly before hatching into a new champion.

The blog also explains that Celestia Ultimate’s Land includes unique landmasses with randomly generated Champions. Certain Champions may only appear on these remote islands.

The game’s battle system is designed to provide players with a strategic challenge that demands careful consideration of their choice of Champions. Therefore, players should consider each Champion’s attributes, moves and potential counters.

NFT Champions

In October 2021, Sigma Studios established NFT Champions as a multiplayer role-playing game where gamers can take part in matches and earn prizes for winning tournaments.

NFT Champions takes inspiration from popular titles such as Battle Racers, Super Mario Kart and F-Zero. The game also offers the ability for players to form teams of Champions to compete in both player-vs-environment and player-vs-player matches.

NFT Champions also lets users earn passive income by trading NFTs that have increased resale value because of their added functionality.

In addition to that, NFT Champions’ ecosystem includes online marketplaces that users can access via web or mobile devices. These marketplaces offer in-game tokens that are necessary to partake in the gameplay.

The game also has several categories based on monsters’ rarity. The most common monsters have a maximum total supply of 2,500. Meanwhile, the first generation’s Champions are considered rarer than the second generation’s monsters.

The $CHAMP token powers this play-to-earn NFT game which players can use to trade NFTs on the platform’s NFT marketplace.

According to Coinbase, NFT Champions saw a drop in price of 26.81 percent in the past week. In the last 24 hours, it decreased by 22.35 percent. Despite this, there has been a 1.26 percent increase in the previous hour.

The data also shows that the current $CHAMP price is $0.0204, a 98.25 percent drop from its record high of $1.16.

OpenSea musical expansion

Prior to its collaboration with NFT Champions, Opensea also announced its partnership with Warner Music Group on September 29. The musical giant is set to launch a platform on OpenSea.

Through this partnership, WMG artists are currently given access to OpenSea’s customized landing pages, which offer personalized storytelling and the marketplace’s top-notch safety and security features.

WMG intends to assist its artists in establishing new Web3 communities. It also aims to introduce existing fan communities on OpenSea to new forms of connection and creativity through NFTs.

Vice president of product at OpenSea Shiva Rajaraman said that NFTs offer artists and musicians a new creative medium and a way to “build community, engage directly with fans, and express themselves across borders and languages.”


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