Donald Trump launches Series 2 of NFT collection

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Former President Donald Trump announced Tuesday that he was releasing more trading card NFTs after the success of his first collection.

In December last year, NFT INT, the company behind Trump’s NFT project, released 45,000 digital trading card collectibles with various artworks featuring pictures of the 45th president. The collection was sold out within a day.

Series 2 of Trump Digital Trading Cards will comprise a total of 47,000 NFTs that will be minted on Polygon, with 1,000 held back by the developer. Each card costs $99 and will serve as a means to raise money and rally his base after his arraignment earlier this month.

This collection continues the theme of the original set, where Trump was portrayed as a superhero, astronaut and cowboy in various grandiose scenarios. This time, the NFT artworks also depict Trump holding a championship pro wrestling belt, as a hunter and donning firefighting gear.

Other designs include Trump portrayed as a playing-card king-of-hearts, a rock-and-roll star in a full-leather suit and sunglasses, carrying a sword while making a heart sign and grilling hot dogs and hamburgers with American flag pins.

Some cards will be one-of-a-kind, while others will be produced in limited sets with no more than 10 copies of each card.

This release will include a similar limited-time benefit to his previous one, which was a chance to win a private dinner with him at his Mar-a-Lago Florida estate for any user who purchases 47 cards, valued at around $4,653 in total.

In addition, users who purchase 100 cards will earn a unique piece of Trump-themed artwork and the chance to win dinner.

Meanwhile, for the Series 1 launch, buyers also received the potential benefits of a video chat with Trump, an in-person meet-and-greet and a private dinner offer.

According to the OpenSea marketplace, 7,440 of the 46,000 available NFTs have been minted so far. Its floor price sits at 105 MATIC (around $116.83), with the best offer of 0.551 ETH (around $1089.45).

First collection plummets

The release of Series 2 pushed the price of the original Series 1 Trump NFTs to plummet. Its secondary market price started at nearly 0.4 ETH ($835) late Monday, but as of the writing, it barely costs 0.1489 ETH (around $294) — dropping almost one-third of its original price.

Prior to the Series 2 launch, Trump’s NFT prices had fluctuated a lot due to his recent arraignment. By the end of March, its price had surged to above $1,000 apiece, slightly below its record high of $1,079 in February.

According to a recent U.S. Office of Government Ethics filing, Trump collected between $500,000 and $1 million from his NFT collection sales.

During its initial release, Trump’s NFT launch received negative feedback from the NFT community and was dubbed a “cash grab.”

Many pointed out the former president’s previous stance against cryptocurrency, which he called “a very dangerous thing” in an interview on Fox Business in 2021. However, Trump then decided to release his own NFT collection the following year, representing a flip-flop on his stance.

Robby Starbuck, a filmmaker and former Republican congressional candidate, also voiced his concerns about the project through his Twitter account and called the launch “not good” and “not the kind of fight people want to see now.”

Despite all criticism, Series 2 might take off as well, as the data from CryptoSlam suggests a 745 percent daily increase in trading in 24 hours.

Looking at its current price, Coinspeaker predicted the new collection would rake in about $4.7 million quickly.


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