Lazy Lions partners with OpenSea to organize special minting event

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Lazy Lions, a popular NFT collection, has partnered with OpenSea, a leading marketplace for buying and selling NFTs. The two platforms are teaming up to hold a unique Open Edition minting event on March 28.

The collaboration marks a significant milestone for Lazy Lions, a collection with over 10,000 distinct lion NFTs. The collection first came onto OpenSea in August 2021 and has since earned over 31,922 ETH in total volume. Its newest collaboration with the OpenSea platform aims to boost its numbers further with an event that promises to give out rare Bitcoin Ordinals to lucky participants.

In the event, participants will earn Dark Energy by buying different digital assets. This Dark Energy gives NFT owners more power to help the Lazy Lions’ villain, Glitch, join his old generals.

The event uses a revolutionary deflationary NFT value mechanic, forcing participants to hold only one Dark Energy NFT at a time. With the limited supply of Dark Energy, its value further increases, thus strengthening Glitch’s power and control.

Participants can contribute to Glitch’s cause by buying Open Edition assets and continuously gathering Dark Energy. Each asset costs 100 Dark Energy points, but once participants have collected enough, they can join Glitch’s army and further empower his reserve.

The event will implement a unique ranking system that allows participants to compete with one another in getting as much Dark Energy as possible. The more Dark Energy the participants obtain, the more likely they are to get one of 80 minted Bitcoin Ordinal NFTs.

Once the event concludes, 40 players with the most Dark Energy will win the highly-sought after Ordinals. However, 20 other collectors may still be able to get an NFT minting spot at the end of the event, allowing them to earn some of the final Open Edition assets.

Lazy Lions brand, story

Like many NFTs, the Lazy Lions brand is no stranger to long and unique narratives. The NFT collection features a unique set of lion characters and an in-depth world conflict within.

Just a week before the event’s announcement, Lazy Lions developers Nine and Ashur teased the return of Glitch. As an enemy of the Lion Pride, Glitch has been a part of many promotional images, like the collection’s 2022 Roadmap and even advertisements in Time Square.

The scar-eyed lion villain even has a backstory detailed in the Lazy Lions’ first comic issue, A Glitch in Time, which launched last year in the summer. Glitch infiltrated the Lazy Lions mint to create 80 new lions and further strengthen his army. However, Glitch’s maniacal plans were thwarted in the early series, leading to the events of the current OpenSea event.

The NFT scene has undergone some turmoil over the past year, especially with the tech winter dampening many crypto and Web3 prospects. However, Lazy Lions hasn’t let recent events stop it from its main goal of ruling the digital ownership world through various media.

Lazy Lions’ collaboration with OpenSea will be one of the first interactive minting sessions in the Web3 era, allowing participants to form personal connections and experiences with their purchased NFTs.

With numerous participants working together for a common goal, the event promises to connect NFT enthusiasts and revitalize a sense of community after months of hardship. According to the developers, Lazy Lions plans to continue its growth as a collection, further innovating on collaborative efforts through media like television, film and especially interactive games.


OpenSea is an American non-fungible token marketplace headquartered in New York City. The company was founded by Devin Finzer and Alex Atallah in 2017. (wikipedia)

Zero-point energy

Zero-point energy is the lowest possible energy that a quantum mechanical system may have. Unlike in classical mechanics, (wikipedia)


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