LACMA to release NFTs for ‘Remembrance of Things Future’ project

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As part of its ongoing “Remembrance of Things Future” project, the Los Angeles County Museum of Art is launching two interactive NFT collections, “Noumenon + Chronophotograph,” this week. 0xDEAFBEEF, a renowned artist who uses a C code compiler to create distinctive artwork, produced the NFT collections on the Ethereum network.

The NFT collections draw inspiration from the pioneering works of English photographer Eadweard Muybridge. Muybridge’s early photographs from the 19th century were instrumental in documenting motion through sequential photographs, such as his famous work “The Horse in Motion,” which captured the galloping movement of a horse.

This style of photography played a significant role in the development of filmography and animation, as well as other forms of art such as painting and sculpture. LACMA partnered with blockchain consultancy Cactoid Labs to develop the project.

Remembrance of Things Future aims to take people on a journey through time using blockchain technology. It provides a unique perspective on LACMA’s collection through the works of digital artists.

0xDEAFBEEF and other participating artists could choose works from LACMA’s permanent collection that resonated with them and inspired their creativity. The project encouraged them to use these works as a foundation for their creations.

Speaking to Decrypt, 0xDEAFBEEF described Muybridge’s work as having an enigmatic quality that is both “familiar” and “mysterious.” According to him, the images are well-known and ingrained in human consciousness.

The artist also found the collection to be “a wealth of interesting things and connections to really dive into.”

‘Noumenon + Chronophotograph’ NFTs

The collections comprise 16 unique Ethereum NFTs known as “Noumenon,” with each NFT presenting a one-minute animation produced through compiled C code. 0xDEAFBEEF said these monochromatic audiovisual pieces represent a reality beyond immediate sensory perception.

0xDEAFBEEF explained that the audio and visual elements of the pieces are intended to convey the impression of “lilting rhythms and time distortion” and a lack of defined shape. These features make the artwork elusive and challenging to comprehend.

The owner of each Noumenon can take a sequence of still images called a chronophotograph that turns into a separate NFT or delegate another wallet to take it. A specific function in the smart contract releaseShutter produces the still snapshot. The smart contract is responsible for powering the NFT project and is distinct for each project.

0xDEAFBEEF said that the project allowed him to explore Muybridge’s work further, uncover the connections between them and reflect on abstract concepts such as disparities in the time scales and the meaning of a source of truth.

The generative artist emphasized that photography has never been “an objective measurement” that represents an accurate and unbiased depiction of reality because image alteration and the influence of the photographer’s framing are possible.

The artist also emphasizes that blockchain technology has limitations as a source of objective truth, despite its reputation as an immutable and objective record.

According to him, humans create and maintain the blockchain, making it susceptible to human interpretation and bias. This is a crucial point for those who depend on blockchain for truth or verification.

There were 224 Chronophotograph NFTs pre-minted and are now for sale for 0.2 ETH ($375) each, starting today. Noumenon NFT owners or delegated wallets can capture all future chronophotographs.

Noumenon NFTs have already been privately pre-sold, and their eventual owners can create as many Chronophotographs as they wish. Notable artists, including Art Blocks founder Erick “snowfro” Calderon, XCOPY and Jen Stark, were invited to capture Chronophotographs in the pre-sale.

Remembrance of Things Future has also featured several artists such as Monica Rizzolli, designer and art director Emily Xie, Afro-Caribbean generative artist Itzel Yard aka Ix Shells and American visual artist and writer Sarah Zucker, who drew inspiration from artworks already present in LACMA’s permanent collection.

As part of the project, LACMA is showcasing previous works by 0xDEAFBEEF, whose NFT compositions from 2021 have sold for hundreds of thousands of dollars.


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