Ghostwire: Tokyo coming to Xbox Series X|S with major update, new game mode

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Publisher Bethesda Softworks and developer Tango Gameworks officially have announced that the imaginative shooter game, Ghostwire: Tokyo will hit Xbox Series X/S and Game Pass on April 12.

In addition to the release on a new platform, the game will receive a significant free update called “Spider’s Thread.” This update will introduce various locations throughout Tokyo, featuring additional mysteries and new missions to undertake.

The developer said the game’s central narrative would receive updates with extended cutscene interactions between Akito and KK, offering more profound insights into the plot.

The Spider’s Thread mode, which comprises a 30-level gauntlet, features over 120 hand-designed levels. Players will earn skills and in-game currency to buy upgrades as they progress through the mode, which appears to have rogue-like elements.

Tango Gameworks has assured that the Spider’s Thread update will include several quality-of-life enhancements to make players’ experience smoother as they navigate the futuristic rendition of Tokyo.

Other updates

The update also introduces additional areas to the map, with the local Middle School area being the highlight. These new locations will include new missions and mysteries for players to discover.

Additionally, a new option for players who wish to have a less frightening experience while exploring the haunted school is “Reduce Horror Effects.” This option will replace some “psychic effects” with “Shibuya Hachi” stickers.

Along with other improvements, combat in Ghostwire: Tokyo has also undergone some changes, including adding new abilities such as a quick dodge, perfect block counterattack, aerial skills and the ability to add elemental effects to the player’s primary melee attack

The game has also introduced new talismans that can refill the player’s Ether or enable them to reach higher places through a well-placed whirlwind.

The game will also feature various new enemies, such as the Sanguine Dance, the Silent Gaze and the Retribution. Players will have the opportunity to unlock new abilities specifically created to counter these eerie creatures.

In Ghostwire: Tokyo, players navigate through the disappearance of most of the population of Tokyo, which has left the city overrun by yokai, urban legend and folklore creatures and vengeful spirits. Players assume the role of Akito, a human who survives by merging with a spirit named KK, who grants him supernatural abilities.

Akito and KK have several tasks, including collecting the spirits of missing Tokyo residents, finding Akito’s sister, getting rid of a toxic supernatural fog that has engulfed the city and preventing a wicked mastermind from causing a schism between the living and the dead.

PlayStation Plus Premium

Earlier in December, Bethesda launched Ghostwire: Tokyo as a PlayStation console exclusive, allowing PlayStation Plus Premium subscribers to try a one-hour demo of the game and access the visual novel prequel Ghostwire: Tokyo – Prelude.

These offerings provide ample opportunities for potential buyers to determine whether the open-world supernatural pseudo-shooter is for them.

Ghostwire: Tokyo was initially released on March 25, 2022, for the PlayStation 5 and PC through Steam and Epic Games Store. Starting this March, it will also be included in the PlayStation Plus Game Catalog for Extra and Premium subscribers.

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