GAIMIN announces tool to convert Web2 games to Web3

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GAIMIN, the industry leader in providing decentralized, distributed data processing power, has recently launched the GAIMCRAFT API, a tool to convert Web2 apps, especially games, to Web3.

Game developers can use the GAIMCRAFT API technology to integrate blockchain technology and NFT assets into their games and leverage smart contract technology, thus enabling them to establish an in-game economy based on cryptocurrency.

In traditional Web2 games, players accumulate assets through purchases made within the game’s ecosystem. However, when the player ceases to play, the accumulated assets are lost along with the investment.

When blockchain-based NFT assets are used, the inventory is held outside the game, and the player retains ownership. When the player decides to switch to a different game, they can use the same NFTs in the new game and maintain their investment.

Moreover, in-game NFT assets can be traded on a marketplace. Using smart contract technology, NFTs can be bought, sold and even rented, with transactions validated through a blockchain.

When NFTs are rented out through smart contracts, their return at the end of the rental period is guaranteed. This system allows the original owner to generate a financial return and maintain control over their assets.

The API also integrates with GAIMIN’s $GMRX cryptocurrency. It provides developers with marketplace functionality, creating a pre-existing environment for an in-game economy based on a real-world cryptocurrency.


GAIMIN CEO Martin Speight claimed that the launch of their blockchain technology API was a major breakthrough for game developers.

Speight said that while the API currently only supports the EPIC/Unreal engine, GAIMIN will release SDKs with the API for several other engines in the next few months.

“Launching through GAIMIN provides a ready-made, gaming-friendly, user community who already have a funded account ready to spend on their games,” GAIMIN CMO Andrew Faridani added.

In addition to the GAIMCRAFT API, GAIMIN offers another intriguing feature for its users — the ability to earn money while playing games on its platform.

GAIMIN takes advantage of the unused processing power of users’ computers to provide certain background services during gaming sessions. For users with lower-performing devices, GAIMIN allows them to choose the percentage of their graphics processing unit (GPU) used for monetization purposes.

This breakthrough ensures that the quality of the gameplay experience is not impacted while still allowing users to earn rewards, which are denominated in $GMRX.

$GMRX will be listed soon on crypto exchanges, providing substantial value. Until it is listed, the rewards are converted into a stablecoin $USDC. Users can withdraw $USDC to their cryptocurrency wallets and use it to purchase or sell it for fiat currency.

If users keep $USDC as $GMRX, they can later use it for purchases in GAIMIN’s in-game asset marketplace. Some games, for example, Fortnite and Apex Legends allow $GMRX as a means of payment to buy in-game currency, which can reward players with Apex Coins or V-Bucks for Fortnite at no additional cost. However, as GMRX is currently not listed on any exchange, players have to wait for further updates regarding this particular matter.

Blockchain game

Video games that include elements that use blockchain technologies, including cryptocurrencies and non-fungible tokens , allow players to buy, sell, or trade in-game items with other players. (wikipedia)

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Line Goes Up – The Problem With NFTs is a 2022 documentary film written and directed by Canadian YouTuber and video essayist Dan Olson on NFTs, cryptocurrencies, the metaverse, and Web3. (wikipedia)


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