launches comprehensive NFT platform for creatives

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Stock Photo – has launched a comprehensive NFT platform, which aims to revolutionize the concept of non-fungibility by introducing “NFT-to-Product” as the new standard. This platform offers creatives the necessary tools to customize and curate their NFTs.

Vibe’s $4 million seed funding for this product launch comes from Alchemy Ventures, Aglaé Ventures (LVMH), Soma Capital, TLF Ventures, PSY, P-Nation, Henry Lau, Naval Ravikant, executives from Matrix Partners and other investors.

The core team behind Vibe includes founding developers and contributors from top protocols such as Sushiswap, Binance, Github and Coinbase.

Reaching NFT’s full potential

According to the company, many NFTs have been unable to reach their full potential, as they often lack utility or value beyond their rarity.

That is why Vibe has launched an innovative platform that eliminates the need for coding and empowers creators to turn NFTs into comprehensive products and applications using NFT smart contracts and metadata.

The platform also plans to transform static NFTs into dynamic assets with practical applications in the physical and digital realms.

Creators can directly incorporate features like loyalty points, physical redeemables, ticketing and other functionalities into smart contracts by using plugins and upgradable mechanics.

NFTs produced through the Vibe platform can be used on any chain and linked to any other. Vibe aims to democratize NFT creation by making it user-friendly and accessible, like launching a regular product.

This platform encompasses the entire process, from initial launch to holder acquisition, monitoring insights and KPIs, continuous improvement, advanced features and user engagement.

CEO and founder Rachel Chu said the actual value of NFTs lies in “the dynamism and programmability,” which allows creators to add distinctive features to their collections.

Chu claimed that until now, there had not been a comprehensive tool to facilitate the curation and customization of these collections. She said Vibe aims to “simplify this entire process” and transform NFTs from mere pictures to fully-fledged products.

As it gains traction among the NFT creatives, Vibe plans to reveal several partnerships with celebrities in the upcoming weeks. Vibe has also announced that its first-ever NFT drop, Vibe: Season One, will be launched on May 8-11, 2023. The allowlist opened on May 4 and will remain open until the launch day.

Another recently launched NFT tool

Vibe is not the only company recently launching an innovative NFT platform. Palm NFT Studio, a creative NFT network, earlier announced the launch of the Palm Generative Art Maker. This tool allows creators to mint generative art collections on the blockchain.

The tool offers the infrastructure for artists to create generative artwork by coding, storing it on the blockchain and producing their creations.

Minting NFT is challenging for creators without coding knowledge, but the tool simplifies it by providing features such as bulk rendering, trait and rarity systems and asset generation. The Palm Generative Art Maker also allows users to create static and motion 3D assets and generate text and metadata.

Speaking to CoinDesk, executive creative director of Palm NFT Studio Straith Schreder said that the Palm Generative Art Maker tool will benefit emerging artists and assist large enterprises in creating generative experiences involving numerous assets.

According to Schreder, creating generative art collections can be “costly and intimidating,” especially for brands or individual creators. Therefore, improving access and lowering entry barriers through the new tool “felt really important.”

With new funding of $27 million, Palm NFT Studio has been promoting digital art since its establishment two years ago. In April’s NFT.NYC, the Palm Foundation collaborated with Pussy Riot member Nadya Tolokonnikova to host a class on activist art and a feminist art competition.


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