UVL unveils NFT project Axis Mundi with 72-hour open mint

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Design studio UVL has unveiled its latest NFT project Axis Mundi. With a distinctive “choose-your-adventure” concept, the project commences on June 6 with a 72-hour open edition mint.

During the minting period, users have the opportunity to acquire Energy elements that are essential to the project. The minting process involves creating NFTs, and in this case, it is an open-edition mint, meaning there is no set limit on the number of NFTs available in the collection.

New media artist Jason Ting and sound designer Pelican Sound collaborated to craft these elements. The elements manifest as 20-second video loops, depicting a harmonious interplay of light and liquid.

The mint price for these elements is 0.009 ETH, or approximately $16.

NFT sale and features

The sale of Beings, the primary NFTs within the project, is scheduled for September at an undisclosed price. Users can also witness the evolution of the Beings by burning their Energy NFTs. For instance, to transition from the first form to the second, users must destroy five Energy NFTs.

The final component encompasses a more extensive, collective work that generates art through the interactions among different Beings in the virtual world. This artistic creation unfolds once the experience comes to a close.

Over the next eight to 12 months, the project will span eight chapters, each revealing a new dimension of the immersive journey.

Exploring decision-making and interactive gameplay

According to co-founder and creative director Alexis Foucault, NFT holders will have to make a decision within a few days at the end of each game chapter. The co-founder emphasized that these decisions will be challenging and carry substantial consequences.

“Chapters are designed to maintain community interest post-mint. We have a well-structured, pre-planned experience in which all collectors can participate,” Foucault said.

He also explained that the gameplay principles are integrated into the entire experience. The creative director encouraged collectors to push beyond their comfort zone and actively engage as participants.

According to Foucault, the participant’s personality and psychology will be crucial in unfolding diverse paths and experiences. He highlighted that user decisions would shape their journey and impact the NFT they own.

Drawing a parallel to the interactive storytelling style of Black Mirror’s Bandersnatch, Foucault highlighted how viewer decisions in the episode determined the course of the narrative.

Standing out with ‘novel aesthetic’

The team behind the project, led by Foucault, has expressed their intentions to Decrypt, emphasizing their goal of creating an emotionally-driven project centered around NFTs that encapsulates their core values and beliefs.

Drawing inspiration from a diverse range of artists and mediums, such as Neri Oxman, Giacometti, Avatar and Pokémon, the team is diligently crafting an immersive NFT experience that seamlessly merges art, cinema and gaming.

Foucault also acknowledges the significant influence of artist Pak, highlighting the intentional homage paid to Pak’s remarkable NFT projects. One notable example is Lost Poets, which embodies the principles of gamification and mystery.

In addition to Pak’s work, Foucault finds inspiration from various collections, including OG Crystals, Shibuya Studio and the GNSS collection by artist MGXS.

The NFTs undergo a dynamic 3D algorithmic generation process using AI software Stable Diffusion. This innovative approach yields artworks with a sculptural essence, distinct from traditional graphical designs.

“We wanted to create a collection with a completely novel aesthetic, breaking away from trends and presenting a refreshing and intriguing universe, both aesthetically and narratively,” said Foucault.


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