Study reveals fluctuations in metaverse land prices

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A recent study has revealed the price fluctuations of metaverse lands over time. Conducted between January 1, 2022, and May 24, 2023, the study compared the highest recorded prices of these lands to their current values in ether (ETH).

By drawing data from CoinGecko and Dune Analytics, the study shows a surge in metaverse land floor prices during the peak of the NFT craze. Leading the way was Otherdeeds. Developed by OthersideMeta, Otherdeeds recorded a peak value of 7.50 ETH on May 1, 2022, making it the most expensive virtual land collection.

SomniumSpace closely trailed behind, trading at a value of 6.05 ETH in early 2022. Securing the third position was Decentraland, which was valued at 5.24 ETH.

However, as of May 24, Otherdeeds had significantly decreased to just 1.09 ETH. This decline represents a drop of approximately 79 percent from its original value.

SomniumSpace witnessed the most substantial decrease, plummeting 93.9 percent from its highest recorded value. Decentraland also experienced a major decline, with a drop of 87.8 percent.

Other lands also experienced significant falls. For example, Voxels, a collection comprising 7,930 land parcels, saw a plummet of 94 percent.

Despite experiencing a significant decline in value, Voxels remains optimistic about a potential rebound, saying that seasonal downturns are normal.

Factors behind drastic drop in virtual land prices

The decline in virtual land prices can be attributed to various factors. The initial frenzy and excitement surrounding NFTs and metaverse lands led to an inflated market driven by speculation and the fear of missing out (FOMO). However, prices naturally decreased as the market gradually cooled and investor sentiment changed.

The increased availability of virtual lands also affected the price drop. The entry of numerous metaverse projects into the market and their subsequent land collections led to market saturation. Some early adopters and speculators also likely chose to sell their investments, further pushing prices down.

The development of the metaverse industry also led to price declines. Advancements in technology and infrastructure for virtual worlds brought about newer and more innovative projects, increasing competition. This transformation forced existing projects to reevaluate their value offerings and adjust prices accordingly.

The mass decline raises concerns about the long-term viability and sustainability of the metaverse as a digital economy.

Critics argue that the speculative hype surrounding NFTs and virtual lands formed an unsustainable bubble, and the resulting price correction is a natural outcome driven by market dynamics.

However, supporters of the metaverse view the price drop as a chance for broader adoption and increased accessibility. They insist that lowering entry barriers can attract a larger audience and foster more diverse and inclusive virtual communities.

According to them, as prices become more affordable, people who were previously unable to participate due to financial constraints can now engage and contribute to the growth of the metaverse.

The price decline may also spur increased innovation and creativity in the metaverse ecosystem. Developers and creators will be motivated to offer unique and engaging experiences to stand out and attract users. This competition could drive the progress of the metaverse, providing users with more immersive and interactive environments.


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