Square Enix’s FFVII Anniversary Art Museum offers unique NFT cards

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Square Enix has launched the Final Fantasy VII Anniversary Art Museum Digital Card Plus, which includes trading cards featuring characters, scenes and artwork from FFVII. These cards are available both physically and digitally.

The FFVII Anniversary Art Museum Digital Card Plus collection offers a total of 207 cards, including 102 standard and 102 premium foil versions of the same cards. There are three “another normal” cards from each set of standard and premium cards and three secret cards to be discovered.

Each pack of FFVII cards comes with an exchange ticket for an NFT, adding even more value to this impressive collection. The price for each package is 440 JPY (around $3).

Interested fans can and European Square Enix online stores at a starting price of roughly $79.80.

Fans must use the exchange ticket in each physical bundle to redeem the digital cards. Then, of all the 207 design variations available, they can select any digital card they desire.

The process involves downloading the Enjin wallet app and creating a free account with the Enjin NFT platform. Enjin is a secure and unique NFT platform for gaming that Square Enix has partnered with to provide fans with digital versions of the Anniversary Art Museum Digital Card Plus collection.

Square Enix’s ventures into NFT, blockchain

Square Enix president Yosuke Matsuda played a pivotal role in driving the company’s initiatives related to NFT and blockchain. However, it has been revealed that he will step down from his position in June.

Matsuda assumed the role in 2013, succeeding Yoichi Wada, who was the president of Square during the merger with Enix in 2003 that resulted in the formation of Square Enix.

During Matsuda’s tenure, there was a significant restructuring and consolidation of the company’s western studios, which were eventually sold in May 2022.

He has been making waves in the blockchain and NFT industry as he leads Square Enix’s foray into these domains.

In his 2022 New Year’s Letter to shareholders, he expressed his enthusiasm for NFTs, blockchain-based gaming and the metaverse, saying that the “play-to-earn” gaming space could revolutionize the global gaming industry. In January this year, Matsuda reiterated Square Enix’s commitment to exploring these areas further.

Square Enix has backed the upcoming debut title BLOCKLORDS, a medieval grand strategy multiplayer game developed by MetaKing Studios. The game is set to launch with the help of Polygon Labs.

BLOCKLORDS is a dynasty simulator that lets players become NFT-based heroes and compete to rule lands, build fortunes, raid neighbors and collect taxes.

With the help of Polygon Labs’ scaling solutions, MetaKing Studios can offer players fast and cost-effective transactions secured and decentralized by Ethereum.

The involvement of Square Enix, along with other industry leaders, underscores the growing interest in NFT-based gaming and blockchain technology.

The team behind BLOCKLORDS comprises experienced gaming professionals who have worked on some of the gaming industry’s most renowned games and studios.

Their previous works include Crusader Kings, Liberators, Seascape.Network, EA, Ubisoft, Disney, Apple, Paradox and Creative Assembly.

Through the use of the Polygon blockchain, BLOCKLORDS developers are able to enhance the gaming experience for players with unique in-game assets and a vast medieval universe.

Square Enix

Square Enix Holdings Co., Ltd. is a Japanese multinational holding company, production enterprise and entertainment conglomerate, best known for its RPG franchises, such as Final Fantasy, (wikipedia)

Square (video game company)

Square Co., Ltd. was a Japanese video game development studio and publisher. It was founded in 1986 by Masafumi Miyamoto, who spun off part of his father’s electronics company Den-Yu-Sha. (wikipedia)


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