Pink Moon Studios unveils new Web3 open-world game

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Pink Moon Studios has recently unveiled KMON: World of Kogaea. The 3D open-world game is part of Pink Moon Studios’ larger vision to revolutionize the gaming industry with their KMON Game Saga, powered by blockchain technology.

Participants can engage in various activities within this dynamic gaming realm, such as breeding, training and battles with Kryptomons, their NFT companions.

Pink Moon Studios CEO Umberto Canessa Cerchi said that the introduction of World of Kogaea represents a noteworthy achievement for both Pink Moon Studios and the Web3 gaming industry.

“This revolutionary game underscores our commitment to leveraging the power of blockchain technology and our groundbreaking Web3 gaming technologies to redefine the gaming landscape,” Cerchi said.

Along with the launch of the World of Kogaea, Pink Moon Studios also introduced the Pink Moon Shards. These tokens, crafted using ERC-1125 blockchain technology, will be exclusively available to players who complete quests during the Early-Community Preview events in the World of Kogaea.

The Pink Moon Shards also allow players to interact with the KMON Forge, Pink Moon’s on-chain crafting system. In addition, players can use the Pink Moon Shards to create exclusive limited-edition NFTs unique to the KMON Game Saga.

After the game’s official launch, players will receive airdropped shards into their wallets, which will be determined by their performance and active involvement in various events.

Pink Moon Studios chief product officer Brian Bento expressed his excitement regarding the introduction of the exclusive Pink Moon Shards. He emphasized how these tokens represent a pioneering approach to in-game rewards, enhancing players’ experiences while enriching the gaming ecosystem.

Campaign and exclusive live-streaming event

Besides the Pink Moon Shards, Pink Moon Studios has strategized an engaging community campaign across multiple social media platforms. Participants will have the chance to win free Kryptomons by completing simple steps.

Pink Moon Studios has also planned an exclusive live-streaming event for the community to connect with the team behind the game. This event will allow players to explore the world they’ve designed alongside community members while gaining insights into the game’s creation and unique Web3 gaming mechanics.

The live-streaming event will feature Pink Moon Studios’ CEO and other leadership members. The company will announce the event’s date and time in a few days via its official Facebook, Discord and Telegram channels.

Pink Moon Studios: Revolutionizing Web3 gaming

Pink Moon Studios has already achieved significant success, raising $11.4 million in funding and cultivating a dedicated community of nearly 450,000 members across various social platforms. This achievement has garnered the attention of prestigious partners such as Binance NFT and NFT.

The company has also achieved outstanding results, generating over $18 million in transaction volumes through Kryptomon NFTs in just seven months.

Beyond funding and partnerships, Pink Moon Studios has developed groundbreaking technologies such as Diamond Contract and the on-chain NFT Forging System. These innovations allow players to engage with their Kryptomons in innovative ways.

The introduction of the Trainer Hub and KMarket NFT marketplace has also revolutionized asset transactions, providing seamless buying and selling experiences without prior crypto knowledge or a crypto wallet.


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