Metaverse project RobotEra offers player-created robot companions

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Web3 gaming is becoming increasingly popular in the blockchain industry, creating new opportunities for innovative games to emerge. One of these projects is RobotEra. It is a metaverse cryptocurrency project that enables players to create, collect, train, upgrade and deploy unique robot companions for battles and missions.

The game features different factions, each with unique characteristics and bonuses, as well as a variety of gameplay modes and challenges. It also offers a multiverse that allows players to buy land, build infrastructure and earn cryptocurrency rewards. The project’s gaming token, $TARO, is currently in presale.

In RobotEra, players enter a virtual world on planet Taro after a devastating war between robots. Players must use their creative skills to revive Taro and create a better future. With inclusivity in mind, the game features customizable NFT robot avatars for self-expression in the metaverse.

RobotEra offers seven unique factions, each with its own set of benefits. Those factions are Guardian Song, ฮฉ, Justice League, Pioneers, War Academy, Lava and Desire Paradise.

The Guardian Song faction is focused on restoring Taro’s previous prosperity by rebuilding its civilization, while the ฮฉ faction promotes individualism and aims to shape the world.

The Justice League is dedicated to fairness, and the Pioneers aim to develop and expand by integrating Taro’s resources. The War Academy is focused on knowledge and technology, and Lava believes in facing death to create miracles.

The Desire Paradise faction emphasizes blood volume and morale and focuses on releasing hidden desires to gain infinite power. These factions have robot companions with advantageous attribute bonuses based on their characteristics.

Within the world of RobotEra, players also have access to various unique locations divided into different areas. Specifically, there are Seven Continents within the game, each with its distinct atmosphere and challenges for players to explore and conquer.

In addition to these Seven Continents, there are also two other main areas โ€“ the Public Continent and the Player Continent.

Metaverse experience with DAO

As mentioned, on Taro, the players have complete autonomy to engage in various activities such as mining, construction, energy collection, production and playing games.

The player’s creation will be showcased in New Taro, alongside other projects from players worldwide. This platform enables communication and the exchange of ideas โ€” allowing everyone to learn from each other.

It is also worth mentioning that in Taro, a decentralized system governs the game without any leadership or head. Instead, the community collectively creates a decentralized autonomous organization to manage the game.

With DAO, each player can propose and decide on the implementation strategy for their own faction, as well as determine how to use the tokens in their treasury.

Players who contribute innovative ideas can apply for Taro rewards, which can be a significant source of income. This decentralized structure also encourages diversity on Planet Taro, where players can freely express their unique ideas and perspectives.

RobotEra’s virtual world, $TARO presale

In RobotEra’s virtual world, users can buy virtual lands, build estates, create robot companions and accomplish various tasks. The NFT technology ensures secured and verified ownership of real estate on Taro.

RobotEra offers a user-friendly experience with many possibilities. Those without technical expertise can design and build virtual worlds and enjoy various activities like concerts, museums and casinos.

The presale of $TARO is ongoing, and the token is trading for $0.020 USDT. With over $1.15 million raised from investors, $TARO presents an opportunity for those seeking significant profits from low-priced assets.

Investors should note that $TARO’s price will increase to $0.025 USDT during the second stage of the presale and to $0.032 USDT in the third stage.


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