Marvel’s Spider-Man 2: Venom voice actor leaks release date

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The voice actor for Venom in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 game, Tony Todd, has hinted that the long-awaited PlayStation game may be released in September of this year.

The previous games in the series, Spider-Man and Spider-Man Miles Morales, were both major hits for PlayStation and have generated a lot of excitement among gamers for the upcoming release of the sequel.

It shocked many when publisher Sony Interactive Entertainment and developer Insomniac Games revealed Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 during a PlayStation showcase in September 2021. However, very little information has been released officially about the game since then.

Despite Insomniac’s assurances that the Spider-Man sequel will be released in 2023, fans remain skeptical due to the lack of updates about the game.

On March 21, Todd responded to a fan’s post on Twitter and commented on the release date of the Spider-Man sequel, replying, “Looks like September!”

Todd also mentioned that there would be a major marketing campaign in August. “Massive publicity [is] coming in August. Commercials start dropping in august so I’m told. Hold on to your … and hold breath! Gonna be necessary,” he wrote.

Sony promotes Spider-Man 2 in Malaysia

There could be some validity to Todd’s tweet regarding the significant campaign for the game, as Sony recently featured Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 as part of its “Live From PS5” promotion earlier this month. The campaign was held from March 1 to March 14 in Kuala Lumpur.

The exhibit included a red Volkswagen Corrado coated with Spider-Man’s signature webbing and a giant LED sign advertising Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 and the PlayStation 5.

The event also had hands-on booths for fans to try out the previously elusive PlayStation 5. Sony offered PS5-branded merchandise to the first 100 guests who visited the new Marvel Spider-Man 2 display and posted pictures on social media using the hashtag #LivefromPS5MY.

Fans speculation

Aside from what was shown in the teaser, information regarding the storyline or characters has yet to be released. However, it has been confirmed that the game will finally feature the much-awaited clash between Peter Parker, Miles Morales and the infamous villain Venom. Those characters were teased in the post-credits scenes of the past two Marvel Spider-Man games.

The alien symbiote will have a significant role in the sequel, which leads to certain expectations about what will happen. Many fans speculated that the symbiote is assumed to infect one or both of the Spider-Men in Spider-Man 2.

In addition to Venom, the voice actor for Harry Osborn in the first Marvel’s Spider-Man game, Scott Porter, has indirectly confirmed the character’s appearance in the sequel. However, in a tweet that has since been deleted, Porter revealed that while Harry will be returning, he will not be reprising his role as the character’s voice actor.

“While I voiced Harry in the first Spider-Man game I unfortunately will not be in the sequel,” he said.

According to Porter, the developers decided to make the game more realistic, and the age difference between him and Harry’s character was too significant to overcome. “I was bummed but I get it. Gonna be an incredible game,” the voice actor said.

Sony has announced that Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 will only be available on PS5, meaning that fans won’t be able to play the game on any other consoles or previous-generation hardware at launch. While the first Spider-Man game was initially released on PS4 and later remastered for PS5, Spider-Man Miles Morales was available on both consoles at the same time.

Spider-Man (Insomniac Games series)

Marvel’s Spider-Man is a series of action-adventure video games developed by Insomniac Games and published by Sony Interactive Entertainment for PlayStation consoles and Microsoft Windows. (wikipedia)

Spider-Man (2018 video game)

Marvel’s Spider-Man is a 2018 action-adventure game developed by Insomniac Games and published by Sony Interactive Entertainment. Based on the Marvel Comics character Spider-Man, (wikipedia)


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