Gojira Labs’ Animatronic tech turns still NFTs into 2D playable game characters

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Game developer Gojira Labs has introduced Animatronic non-fungible tokens (aNFTs). These tokens allow game companies to transform still NFTs into 2D animated characters that can be played in games. The studio will showcase this technology in Gojira’s Sprinft running game.

Speaking to GamesBeat, Gojira Labs president Mark Soares said the company’s aNFTs would revolutionize the Web3 game market by “bringing games to NFT” rather than integrating NFTs into games.

More about Gojira Labs’ aNFTs

ANFTs are a new and innovative concept for NFTs. While companies like Mystic Moose are already creating 3D avatars using NFTs, aNFTs currently focus on 2D animated characters. However, Soares hinted that the team might consider exploring 3D alternatives in the future.

Soares explained that if a character sprite sheet contains all the required body components, game engines can animate them just as they would with a sprite sheet.

Many Web3 users have spent a lot of money on NFTs for games like Bored Apes, DeGods, CryptoPunks and others. The primary advantage of owning these characters is that players have the right to use them.

“If you have all the components of essentially a sprite sheet, but it’s a character sprite sheet, of all the body components, the game engine can animate them.”

Mark Soares, president of Gojira Labs

Gojira adds more value to these NFTs by transforming them into fully animated 2D characters, making them suitable for a broader range of games.

ANFTs will first be integrated with Gojira Labs’ exclusive flexible animation rig, Gooji. Gooji is a software framework offering a highly flexible animation rig, allowing for easy deployment of various characters. With adjustable body parts and sizes with customizable movements and colors, Gooji can animate a player’s PFP (picture for proof).

The integration with Gooji will also enable a new animation workflow that has the potential to inspire a new generation of Web3 gaming.

“We like to think about things and combine them, like what we’re doing with aNFTs, where we are merging the skeleton and all the body components to animate these PFP collections,” Soares said.

Approximately seven months ago, Gojira Labs started working on this project. The idea originated from a lively discussion among the team about the possibility of having a game where different franchises could be mixed, for example, allowing a Bored Ape to fight with a CryptoPunk.

Gojira Labs’ Sprinft

Gojira Labs has created a new running game called Sprinft, where players can test a simulated aNFT experience. Sprinft is available across multiple blockchains, and players can use supported NFT collections to compete against one another.

Those with specific PFP collections can connect their wallet to unlock a playable PFP avatar. In the future, they will have the ability to generate and accumulate their aNFTs.

Soares said the team plans to work with PFP collections to adopt the aNFT format and allow PFP holders to create and collect playable versions of their NFTs.

The team is also considering supporting several collections, such as Bored Ape Yacht Club, Sappy Seals, DeGods, CryptoPunks, Tezzardz and Reddit Avatars.

Currently, Gojira Labs has only developed a basic demo of the game. It plans to release a complete game in the second quarter while also seeking potential partnerships with other companies to work on aNFTs.


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