BREATHE! Convention rescheduled, relocated to World Market Center

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Top conference for emerging technology and digital transformation BREATHE! Convention has rescheduled and relocated its upcoming event.

Initially scheduled at the Las Vegas Convention Center on May 3-5, it has now been moved to The Expo at World Market Center Las Vegas on September 13-15, 2023. The main objective of this change is to create more diverse sponsorship opportunities and assist attendees in welcoming the future of work and humanity.

BREATHE! is a technology-focused event that provides attendees with the necessary knowledge, abilities and tools to thrive in the digital transformation landscape. The conference will cover a broad spectrum of topics, including but not limited to Web3, AI, Blockchain, Metaverse, AR/VR and NFT technology.

By relocating, BREATHE! has forged a strategic partnership with The Green Label Expo, a convention focused on expanding the CBD and alternative products market. This move also enables both conventions to run side-by-side, providing unparalleled networking and educational opportunities for professionals from the technology and CBD industries.

Per the official release, the event will unveil the BREATHE! App. The app enables users to easily access information about the speakers, receive notifications on important updates, and take part in activities and surveys that offer rewards and exclusive access to BREATHE! Convention events.

BREATHE! is also currently working on integrating live metaverse to deliver a fully immersive experience using virtual and augmented reality technology.

The website provides tickets for attendance and information on exhibiting and sponsoring opportunities. BREATHE! also updates its social media channels with the latest news and updates regarding the event.

Perks of moving dates, venues

Regarding the rescheduling and relocation, BREATHE! CEO and co-founder Shawn Willis said the team had to decide whether to host a good or an exceptional event. They ultimately chose the latter.

Willis claimed that their relocation to the World Market Center in September will enable them to strengthen their relationship with the community by promoting ”extraordinary education, experience, and entertainment opportunities pre, during, and post-event.”

Emil Ljesnjanin, the CEO and Founder of NFT-TiX and a sponsor of the convention, said that rescheduling the event has given them “more time to prepare.” He emphasized that organizing a convention of such scale cannot be rushed and perfection takes time.

Ljesnjanin mentioned that the relocation of the event would enhance showcasing experiences. It also will create better opportunities for businesses and adopters to understand NFT technology and its practical applications thoroughly.

The founder of Digital Native, Vincent Redrado, explained that BREATHE! turned out to be a much more significant project than any of them had anticipated. He also said that the event had enabled numerous players in the Web3 and Blockchain industries, including HIVE, NFT-TiX and MetaKeep, to collaborate worldwide.

“Our choice was clear. We either run a good event or an incredible event. With our move to September at the World Market Center, we are supercharging our community relationship building between exhibitors, sponsors, and anticipated attendees.”

Shawn Willis, CEO and Co-Founder of BREATHE! Convention

BREATHE! speakers, future plans

BREATHE! chooses speakers solely based on their merit, expertise and ability to engage with the audience without charges or fees. The event strongly believes that the most valuable speakers can provide real value to the attendees, participants and followers.

Among the speakers featured at BREATHE! are Web3 Evangelist Aaron Vick, CEO of Adi Sideman, TV Host and NFT Architect Adryenn Ashley.

According to the white paper, the convention plans to expand to other regions beyond North America after the 2023 Las Vegas Convention Center event. It aims to broaden its reach to the Middle East & North Africa (MENA), the Republic of South Africa, Western Europe, South America and Southeast Asia.


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