Animals Assemble season coming to Marvel Snap

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The Animals Assemble season is coming to Marvel Snap this month with new decks and locations.

Unlike Quantumania and the most recent season, Days of Future Past, Animals Assemble will focus more on individual creatures and characters instead of existing comic and movie titles.

New season, decks, locations

Every month, Marvel Snap introduces different themes from across the Marvel franchise with additional locations and cards. The game’s previous themes include the Symbiote Invasion, Warriors of Wakanda, The Power Cosmic and Savage Land.

As the developer shared on the game’s Youtube channel, the season’s deck will feature the Hit-Monkey card as the Season Pass card.

It has been sitting in the data mine for a while now, creating a buzz among fans who presumed the card to be overpowered. The card’s On Reveal effect allows it to gain +2 Power for each card the player used on that turn.

Aside from Hit-Monkey, the Season Pass reward track also features the exclusive Rian Gonzales variants of Goose, the Flerken and Cosmo.

Players can play the new decks at two new locations this season, The Pet Avengers Mansion and The Sand Bar.

The Pet Avengers Mansion will require players to play all cards during their turn here. Meanwhile, The Sand Bar only allows cards with no abilities.

Players need to switch their strategy and play styles to pass the area. This location might be a hurdle to many players but a benefit to those whose decks revolve around Patriot, with cards such as Squirrel Girl, Ant-Man, Mysterio and many more.

Get to know the cards

Snowguard, Jeff the Baby Landshark, Stegron and Nimrod will be available in the upcoming roster.

Snowguard is a 1-cost, 2-power card that can transform into a Hawk or a Bear in the players’ hands, each with slightly different passive skills. Its form will only be visible once in the players’ hands, making the card tricky.

Snowguard Bear and Snowguard Hawk possess On Reveal effects with slightly different abilities. First, Snowguard Bear can trigger the effect of the location. Snowguard Hawk, on the other hand, can disable all location abilities on the next turn.

Jeff, the Baby Landshark, is a 2-cost, 3-power card that can be played and moved anywhere. This card can even jump to locations usually inaccessible by other cards, such as locations flooded by Storm.

Stegron is a 4-cost, 5-power card with an On Reveal ability. It can move an enemy card from its playing location to any location the player desires.

Closing the roster is a recurring card from the previous season, Nimrod, a 5-cost, 5-power ultra rare card for collection level 486+. When this card is played and then destroyed, it will add a copy to each other location.

These cards are available with the Season Pass and The Premium+ Bundle. The Premium Season Pass costs $ 9.99, which includes cosmetic items and currency.

The Premium+ bundle is available for $14.99, with the benefits of skipping the first ten tiers and instantly unlocking all content.

Marvel Snap

Marvel Snap is a digital collectible card game developed by Second Dinner and published by Nuverse for Microsoft Windows, Android and iOS. (wikipedia)

Marvel Heroes (video game)

Marvel Heroes, also known as Marvel Heroes 2015, Marvel Heroes 2016 and Marvel Heroes Omega, (wikipedia)


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