Web3 gaming launchpad Seedify to launch AI-driven project Shockwaves

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Web3 gaming launchpad Seedify has announced the exclusive launch of its newest incubation project, Shockwaves. The project’s initial DEX offering, IDO, will occur on April 28, 2023.

Shockwaves is an AI-driven project fully incubated by Seedify AI Labs, which the firm established this year to support its expansion into the AI market. It uses AI NFTs to create unique, musical first-person shooter (FPS) gameplay. The creator aims to make the game appealing to Web3 and Web2 players by ensuring that Shockwaves is easy to learn but difficult to master.

The blockchain-based gaming platform introduced 2,222 AI-powered NFTs as the game’s characters that owners can control or let operate independently. Each NFT possesses distinctive skills, backgrounds and personalities. These characters can also interact with human players via the game’s chat feature.

Seedify uses an algorithm to generate the game’s maps, leading to various unique and thrilling gameplay options. Players can own and trade these maps as NFTs, with the original owner gaining a share of the tokens earned from their map.

The player can also customize their land by choosing a music playlist to be played there and adding advertisements on the map. Player-owned AIs can learn and improve according to the meta of the maps as well.

The mapping algorithm operates using data obtained by players. Users can rate their maps at each gameplay, influencing which maps are chosen for future games. This rating system encourages landowners to curate playlists and advertisements. It rewards the trade of land NFTs.

Music has an integral role in Shockwaves’ gameplay as characters’ movements and weapons will respond differently to the beat and rhythm of the music. Seedify utilizes deep-learning technology to extract those key musical features, converting them into in-game events and visual effects. According to the developer, it will increase the immersion of the gameplay.

The release of Shockwaves is another showcase of a shift in the Web3 gaming industry. Analysts said most blockchain-based games in the past tended to focus more on the game’s economic aspect than the gaming experience.

Experts forecast that Web3 games focusing more on engagement will triumph over conventional play-to-earn games in the future as they can draw in game enthusiasts.

Shockwaves’ tokenomics

Shockwaves players can participate in the game’s economy via the Neuros token, as Seedify provides each NFT player with a digital wallet. The BEP-20 token has a total supply of 100 million. This token type offers several benefits, such as timely transactions, high security, flexibility and low transaction fees.

Players will mainly use Neuros to purchase in-game items and loot boxes. They can earn it through staking, which will earn them rewards like NFTs and extra tokens. The quantity of the rewards depends on the amount of Neuros staked.

Staking Neuros also give the token holders rights to participate in project governance, allowing them to vote for key decisions and community proposals.

Previous AI project by Seedify

Before Shockwaves, Seedify also launched the AI-driven project ChainGPT, a futuristic chatbot designed to help individuals, developers and enterprises with everything related to cryptocurrency and its underlying blockchain technology.

Data showed that ChainGPT earned over 40 times its IDO price. According to Seedify, choosing projects with immediate utility and use cases allows the company to gain high returns for the community and grow its user base quickly.


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