Warner Bros. to launch 1978 Superman film NFTs

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Warner Bros. is set to sell NFT bundles for Richard Donner’s original 1978 Superman film. Despite the current market downturn, WB remains committed to exploring opportunities and staying ahead of the curve.

WB is innovating its home-entertainment business model by integrating NFTs to ensure the legitimacy and ownership of digital content. Collectors can trade NFTs on WB’s online marketplace, powered by Eluvio, a blockchain technology provider.

The Superman Web3 Movie Experience encompasses a dynamic multimedia NFT featuring the film’s 4K Ultra HD version. This immersive package goes beyond the movie, offering exclusive extras such as image galleries and remarkable artist renderings by acclaimed DC artists.

The motion pictures company aims to captivate NFT enthusiasts and devoted DC fans, generating revenue through initial sales and fostering an active community of passionate supporters with the potential for long-term growth and benefits.

Starting Friday, June 9, the Superman Web3 Movie Experience will be accessible for general purchase. However, those who have previously bought WB’s NFTs will enjoy early access on June 8.

Priced at $30 for the Standard Edition and $100 for the Premium Edition, customers can purchase using credit cards or cryptocurrencies. To facilitate this process, customers must create an Eluvio NFT media wallet, which acts as a secure “digital vault” and allows consumers to stream and view the content seamlessly.

Following the groundbreaking release of The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring (Extended Edition) NFT movie bundle last year, the Superman NFT marks the second installment in the WB Movieverse collection.

“For fans of this beloved and iconic film, Superman: The Movie is being released as an exclusive Web3 film and immersive digital collectible for the first time,” Eluvio CEO and co-founder Michelle Munson said.

What each edition offers

The Standard Edition of the Superman NFT bundle is available for a limited time, from June 9 at 8 a.m. ET to June 16 at 7:59 a.m. ET. This edition offers an interactive location-based navigation menu that enhances the viewing experience.

It includes the theatrical version of Superman: The Movie and a collection of special features previously released. Additionally, the Standard Edition provides access to an engaging image gallery featuring behind-the-scenes photos and stills.

The Premium Edition is available from 8 a.m. ET on June 9 to 7:59 a.m. ET on June 10. This edition has three distinct variations β€” Truth, Justice and Hope. Each variation showcases an illustration of Christopher Reeves’ Superman, crafted by one of three talented DC artists – Ivan Reiss, Ben Oliver or Bill Sienkiewicz.

The Premium Edition also provides an interactive and explorable location-based navigation menu, immersing viewers in the world of Superman. The bundle includes three feature film versions β€” the theatrical version of Superman: The Movie, the expanded director’s cut and the extended TV edition.

Alongside the feature film variations, the Premium Edition grants access to previously released special features. The bundle also features galleries showcasing costume and detail images from the Warner Bros. Archive and behind-the-scenes images that provide a glimpse into the production process.


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