Wall Street Memes presale surpasses $5M, investors eyeing 100x returns

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The Wall Street Memes (WSM) coin has raised over $5 million in presale just twelve days after launch, fuelled by investors eager to secure the lowest prices before the token’s listing on tier-1 exchanges.

With the current price set at $0.0277, the upcoming stage is expected to commence shortly, propelling the price upwards to $0.028.

Analysts anticipate the Wall Street Memes project to deliver returns exceeding 100x once the token is listed on exchanges. The project boasts the backing of a thriving community of one million members, a collection of viral memes, the potential for an immediate tier-1 exchange listing and Twitter CEO and owner Elon Musk’s endorsement.

Launching on May 26, the Wall Street Memes presale got off to a strong start, raising over $100,000 within minutes. The evident fear of missing out (FOMO) phenomenon surrounding this project can be attributed to market volatility, which has prompted investors to seek secure havens to allocate a portion of their assets.

Investors are flocking to join the Wall Street Memes presale, driven by the belief that the native token WSM holds significant potential for early-stage buyers to reap substantial returns. Their motivation is to secure an early position and capitalize on the opportunity presented by this promising investment.

Redefining finance with humor

Wall Street Memes symbolize the triumph of the internet over capitalism, serving as an extension of the Wall Street Bets movement, which confronted Wall Street giants during the GameStop fiasco in 2021 and emerged victorious, causing decades-old hedge funds to crumble.

“The little guy challenged Wall Street in the infamous GameStop fiasco of 2021, and the legacy of those brave Wall Street Bets heroes endures until today,” the Wall Street Memes website says.

“Born out of that movement is Wall Street Memes – the ultimate expression of the internet’s triumph over rampant capitalism. “Greed is good,” said Gordon Gekko in the ’80s as he got rich off useless stocks. Around 30 years later, hundreds of arguably even more useless meme coins allow ordinary people to do the same.”

Wall Street Memes has taken a step further by tokenizing the renowned movement, offering the opportunity to participate in the speculation with an added touch of humor. Through the WSM token, investors can now engage in the movement with lightheartedness.

The project seamlessly blends internet culture, meme-based humor and decentralized finance, creating a unique blend that satirizes the conventional financial system. Simultaneously, it offers individuals the chance to engage in crypto investments, providing them with exciting opportunities in decentralized finance.

Riding the hype wave

Similar to other meme-coins such as Dogecoin, Shiba Inu and PEPE, Wall Street Memes lack intrinsic utility. These projects primarily thrive on hype and FOMO rather than offering practical applications for the tokens themselves. These two crucial factors primarily influence the surge in the value of meme-coins.

With its one-million-strong community, WSM encapsulates the essence of hype and FOMO. Having raised over $5 million in less than two weeks, it is evident that the project’s hype is gaining momentum within the crypto industry. However, the true extent of FOMO is yet to unfold.

Experts anticipate that once WSM is listed on tier-1 exchanges following its launch, the coming FOMO will propel the token to extraordinary heights, offering presale investors unprecedented returns.

Analysts base their predictions on the robust community backing of Wall Street Memes, which ensures an instant listing on a major tier-1 exchange. Some experts even suggest that prominent exchanges like Binance could be among the first to eagerly list WSM, capitalizing on the projected substantial trading volume anticipated upon the token’s launch.

The project’s community has been steadily growing, partly thanks to its association with Wall Street Bulls. This NFT collection swiftly sold out its supply of 420 NFTs in a matter of minutes in 2021.

Now, this community has returned to rally behind Wall Street Memes, aiming to transform it into the next sensation in the world of meme coins.

Analysts anticipate extraordinary returns due to the notable involvement of Musk. He has been involved in the WSM social media accounts multiple times, adding credibility and intrigue to its potential.

A mere comment from Musk has the power to catapult a token into viral status, and WSM has already gained an advantage in this race by earning recognition from the entrepreneur even before its official launch.

For example, the prices of Milady Maker NFTs spiked on May 10 after Musk posted a meme featuring an anime-style Ethereum NFT profile picture on the platform. The collection’s 24-hour trading volume reached 8,209.6 ETH ($15,067,205), accompanied by 1,538 sales.

A similar case happened to Dogecoin, where the cryptocurrency experienced a significant price rally after Musk incorporated the popular Shiba Inu dog meme into Twitter’s official logo, which some expected to be an April Fool’s joke.

The Dogecoin logo remained for a few days before reverting to the original Twitter logo.

This change boosted Dogecoin’s price by 30 percent, with the cryptocurrency’s value racking up $26 million in liquidations.

WSM in presale stage

The Wall Street Memes presale is progressing rapidly through its scheduled stages. The presale is in its tenth stage, offering the token at $0.0277. The upcoming start of the eleventh stage is expected to raise the prices further to $0.028.

The price of WSM is likely to ascend steadily throughout each planned stage until it reaches its final stage, where it will be sold at $0.0337. This presents an advantageous situation as there is still significant potential for early participation in the presale, offering the opportunity to secure exceptional levels of unrealized returns before the token is listed on exchanges.

The $WSM presale encompasses thirty stages, each accompanied by a gradual price increase and a hard cap of $30,577,000. However, early participation in the presale is advisable, as the current progress suggests it might sell out ahead of schedule.

The potential for a surge in whale activity cannot be disregarded, particularly considering the discouraging price trends of DOGE and SHIB.

Following its initial exchange listing, a modest forecast for $WSM is a 25X-30X increase from the presale price within a month. Given the strong cohesion of its community, the token has the potential for a much more substantial explosion of 7,000 percent by year-end.


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