U.S. Secret Service reveals NFT collection on OpenSea

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police car at street - A police car belonging to the United States Secret Service Uniformed Division patrols a street adjacent to the White House in Washington, DC., tags: u.s. nft collection - unsplash
police car at street – A police car belonging to the United States Secret Service Uniformed Division patrols a street adjacent to the White House in Washington, DC. – unsplash

Agents from the U.S. Secret Service San Francisco Field Office have entered the world of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) with their collection on OpenSea.

The NFT collection’s revelation occurred during a Reddit Ask Me Anything (AMA) session on May 16. The agents interacted with members of the r/cryptocurrency subreddit to discuss their interest and involvement in cryptocurrency and Blockchain technology.

The group of agents, known as the Digital Asset Technology Alliance (DATA) squad, spoke to Cointelegraph about their motivation behind exploring NFTs.

According to Andrew Frey, a forensic financial analyst and the agent leading the Reddit AMA, the collection serves as a public representation of the agency’s interest in the broader crypto ecosystem.

Special agent Alfonso Speed explained that each member of the DATA squad possesses a personalized NFT representing their individuality. The agents can choose a location within Northern California, particularly the San Francisco Bay area, to be portrayed in their NFTs.

The collection showcases their personalities and interests. For instance, a special agent in charge, Shawn Bradstreet, pointed out that Speed’s NFT depicted him standing on top of Alcatraz, the famous former prison.

“You really do see people’s personalities or things that they enjoy doing,” Speed said.

During the Reddit AMA, a user probed the Secret Service about any information or ongoing investigations related to Satoshi Nakamoto, the elusive creator of Bitcoin.

In response, the Secret Service said, “We may know Satoshi, but it is classified!”

Not for sale

Some of the NFTs have garnered offers ranging from 0.0028 ETH ($5) to approximately 0.02 ETH ($37) on the popular NFT marketplace. However, the agents have not accepted any of the offers. The NFTs were not intended for sale but rather as a creative outlet for the team.

The agents of the DATA task force maintain a positive attitude toward cryptocurrencies. Many of them own crypto assets and NFTs.

“Overwhelmingly, there is a ‘not wrong’ belief that law enforcement doesn’t know what they’re doing in the crypto space,” said Frey.

“I think that our NFTs are a neat way to show that we do have a seat at the table and that we’re really invested in crypto and the investigation of digital assets.”

The agent believes that their NFTs also contribute to making the agency more approachable to the crypto community and the general public. Supervisory special agent Ryan Cole explained that the spirit behind the collection centered around public education.

The Secret Service recognizes the significance of engaging with the crypto community through platforms like Reddit. Such interactions have helped solve crimes and facilitate the return of funds to victims.

“It was through those interactions that we learned that there was this whole community that was kind of griping and warning about all these different types of scams,” Frey said.

“The cases that we see most of are specifically victim-based crimes and one of the main goals of our investigative work is to make these victims whole again.”

As an organization, the Secret Service handles safeguarding the United States critical infrastructure and protecting key political leaders.

Fighting financial crime with Blockchain

Regulators are worried about the risks that come with cryptocurrency and its vulnerability to scams and fraud.

However, the U.S. Secret Service and the Bay Area Regional Enforcement Allied Computer Team (REACT) task force have taken a different stance. They have acknowledged the immense potential of Blockchain technology in the fight against financial crime, citing its inherent transparency as a valuable tool.

By utilizing the transparent nature of Blockchains, law enforcement can be easier to track money flow and identify possible financial crimes.

“The beauty of the Blockchain helps us trace funds, but attributing wallets to individuals is a different story… It’s only anonymous until it’s not,” said the task force.

Nevertheless, the U.S. commander-in-chief’s bodyguards said they are bound by applicable laws. Despite the transparency offered by Blockchain technology, they must adhere to judicial processes when working to identify and apprehend criminals.

NFT trend among government agencies

Following a similar trend, the German Intelligence Agency Bundesnachrichtendienst (BND) has joined the NFT. It has launched its own collection to attract new talent through a gamified Blockchain treasure hunt.

The young talent is proficient in Blockchain technology will aid in fighting against cybercrime. The agency has leveraged its Instagram following and targeted users with social media savvy and interest in NFTs.

“We are also looking for talents in the field of cyber security in the future,” said the agency in an interview with BTC Echo. “So an NFT collection was an obvious new offering for our Instagram community.”

Dubbed “Dogs of BND,” the collection consists of 999 generative dog-themed profile pictures (PFPs) featuring cyber security-themed accessories.

However, acquiring these NFTs is not as straightforward as a simple sale. Interested individuals are able to take part in a cyber quest and uncover a hidden string of characters that will grant them the opportunity to mint an NFT from the collection.

The participants of this treasure hunt must locate a specific string of characters concealed by the intelligence agency. These characters can be a wallet address, transaction hash, block or token number. Once the correct data is found, participants gain access to mint their own NFT from the collection.

The cost of minting an NFT is less than 1 cent, excluding gas fees. However, the floor price for the collection on the secondary marketplace OpenSea currently stands at 0.045 ETH (around $82).

Out of the total 999 NFTs, only 987 are available for minting. The treasure hunt will conclude once all 987 tokens have been claimed.

While the BND has integrated NFTs into its recruitment strategy, not all government agencies are suitable for incorporating tokenized assets into their operations.

In April 2022, the U.K. government initially planned to create an NFT through the Royal Mint. Yet, due to concerns surrounding speculation and financial risks, the government canceled the project in March of this year.

Harriet Baldwin, Chair of the Treasury Select Committee, emphasized the lack of substantial evidence to support investing in such assets. She advised constituents to approach these tokens with caution.

According to her, unless individuals are prepared to face the possibility of losing all their invested funds, they should refrain from allocating money to these speculative tokens.


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