Travel giant ventures into Web3 space with Trekki NFT collection

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Travel services provider is making a foray into the Web3 space with its new Trekki NFT project, aiming to redefine the possibilities of NFTs in the travel industry.

The new NFT collection will serve as a loyalty program for holders. Through collaborations with industry leaders, Trekki NFTs provide discounted flights, hotel bookings and attraction tickets.

With a captivating storyline, the Trekki collection features 10,000 NFTs and is now open for registration on Trekki’s official website. The NFTs will be sold through blind boxes in the third quarter of 2023. Each Trekki NFT is categorized based on its scarcity and has a unique persona and diverse travel backgrounds.

Details about Trekki NFTs

The Trekki NFT collection revolves around a narrative where users can interact with extraterrestrial beings called Trekkis. These dolphin-like creatures originate from the beautiful planet of Trekia and have arrived on Earth to discover its wonders.

Trekki NFT offers interactive gameplay mechanics that allow holders to nurture and witness the evolution of their NFTs. Platform orders, badges and membership tiers are vital in shaping and upgrading these NFTs.

According to its official announcement, the Trekki NFT collection isn’t only about exploration but “a journey of growth and rewards.” As Trekkis transition from juveniles to adulthood, holders can affect their progression using resources. In addition, by staking their NFTs, holders can acquire evolution stones essential for the growth of Trekkis.

Holders can also earn rewards based on the unique attributes of their NFTs by staking them on the project’s official website. These tokens can be redeemed for various products and perks within the Trekki ecosystem.’s plans for Web3 venture is a subsidiary of the Group. The travel website provides customers access to over 1.4 million hotels in 200 countries and regions, ensuring a diverse selection of accommodations. Its extensive flight network covers over 2 million individual routes, connecting over 5,000 cities worldwide.

Looking ahead, has outlined an ambitious roadmap for Trekki. It aims to establish strategic partnerships with Web2 and Web3 brands, trading platforms and media outlets to expand the reach and impact of Trekki.

To achieve its goals, the project will receive support from Backwave, a Web3 incubator. The collaboration will help further its growth and development.

Early holders of Trekki receive a range of exclusive benefits. These include free NFT mints, the opportunity to apply for the NFT whitelist, special community privileges and even complimentary flight tickets. Holders can also receive additional perks from collaborating brands, enhancing the value and appeal of their Trekki NFTs.

As time passes, Trekki NFT will offer a variety of online and offline events designed to immerse the community in the world of NFTs. These events include interactive sessions on platforms like Twitter Spaces, where participants can join discussions and share insights. Pop-up stores will also allow fans to experience the Trekki universe in physical locations.

In addition to the Trekki drop, has ventured further into the Web3 domain by partnering with the Prime Planet NFT collection. This collaboration will offer holders access to exclusive benefits that plans to reveal soon.


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