Top 10 play-to-earn NFT games to play in 2023

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Play-to-earn games have gained notable popularity, with the global P2E gaming sector currently valued at over $4 billion and projected to reach $65.7 billion by 2027.

In these games, NFTs are used to represent in-game assets like characters, items and land, and crypto coins are used for in-game economic activities, while decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs) govern their ecosystems.

As the market continues to flourish, an increasing number of NFT games have flooded the crypto space. Below are the top 10 play-to-earn games to play in 2023.

Axie Infinity

The first one is Axie Infinity, a blockchain-based MMORPG. Players can purchase digital pets called Axies to compete against other players or complete quests. With over 2 million daily active players, Axie Infinity has become one of the most popular NFT games worldwide.


Next is Decentraland, a unique virtual world experience where players can acquire and develop their land within the platform. This open and user-owned environment allows players to build and create virtual spaces, attracting gamers, socializers and event organizers alike.

The Sandbox

The Sandbox presents an innovative concept that allows players to create, own and monetize their gaming experiences. By leveraging NFTs, players can build games, design artwork and even host events within this blockchain-based gaming platform.

The Walking Dead: Empires

Fans of The Walking Dead can immerse themselves in The Walking Dead: Empires, a mobile game based on the popular TV show. Players can build their own communities, scavenge for resources and engage in battles with other players, all while having the opportunity to earn cryptocurrency rewards.


Illuvium offers an action-packed open-world RPG experience. Players can collect and battle creatures known as Illuvials, with the NFT aspect allowing for unique customization and ownership of these digital creatures.


Splinterlands offers an engaging experience for fans of collectible card games. Leveraging NFT and blockchain technology, players can collect and trade cards, construct powerful decks and engage in strategic battles against other players.


For football enthusiasts, Sorare provides a fantasy football experience where players can collect digital trading cards that represent real-world footballers. These NFT cards can be used to assemble teams, compete in leagues and earn cryptocurrency rewards based on the players’ performance in real-life matches.

Alien Worlds

Alien Worlds takes players on a sci-fi adventure where they can mine for valuable NFTs called Trillium. These digital assets can be used to acquire land, weapons and other items in the game, allowing players to earn cryptocurrency rewards without significant upfront investment.

The Parallel

In the realm of open-world MMORPGs, The Parallel stands out with its sci-fi universe and NFT integration. Players can explore a vast virtual universe, engage in battles with other players and embark on quests for a chance to earn cryptocurrency rewards.


Lastly, Dogami offers a unique twist with its dog-breeding gameplay. Players can collect, breed and train digital dogs, creating unique and valuable NFTs in the process. This game caters to both dog lovers and players looking to earn cryptocurrency through their gaming endeavors.


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