Token-gated video calls arrive to Web3 browser Brave

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Brave has welcomed NFT technology with the coming of token-gated video calls into its Web3-integrated browser. The new feature improves Brave Talk video service by allowing hosts to manage call access using NFTs and POAPS.

The feature is accessible to all premium Brave Talk users, regardless of their Web3 wallet. However, the new addition currently supports only Ethereum NFTs.

The company said on Twitter that in the future, hosts would be able to send cryptocurrency directly to call participants and provide them call access based on criteria such as their token balances and token ownership history. Currently, hosts can use NFTs for various purposes, such as configuring avatars, granting moderator privileges and other functionalities.

In contrast to conventional video calling solutions such as Zoom or Google Meet, where access to calls is managed through passwords, Brave’s new Web3 calls offer enhanced user authentication and authorization functionality, giving users greater control and security during video communication sessions.

While its current capabilities are limited to ERC-721 tokens, Brave has plans to broaden the service by including support for non-Ethereum-based NFTs.

The company has exceeded 50 million monthly active users. In February, the company expanded its offerings by introducing support for Solana decentralized applications (DApps) on both the iOS and Android versions of the Brave browser.

Brave Wallet, other notable features

Just a few days before introducing the new feature, the company announced that Brave Wallet had welcomed the BitPay Protocol, providing users of the privacy-focused browser with convenient payment options.

The move allows Brave users to make payments directly from their crypto wallets, making transactions more efficient. In addition, brave Wallet users can now shop using various cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin.

BitPay CEO Stephen Pair praised Brave’s adoption of the BitPay Protocol, emphasizing its positive impact on ensuring high-quality payments for customers and merchants who engage in cryptocurrency transactions.

According to James Mudgett, VP of Web3 products at Brave, the integration of the BitPay Protocol enhances the functionality of Brave Wallet, simplifying the process for users to utilize their cryptocurrencies for real-world purchases.

The Brave Wallet offers more than just payment capabilities. Users can also engage in activities such as buying, receiving and sending various crypto assets across multiple blockchain networks.

In addition to Brave Wallet, the Brave browser also offers a noteworthy feature known as Brave Rewards, which allows users to earn Basic Attention Tokens (BAT) by engaging with private ads.

The ads displayed by Brave browser prioritize user privacy by not tracking user data. Users can view these ads voluntarily and earn BAT rewards as a result. Users can then use these rewards to support their preferred content creators by tipping them or contributing to websites they find valuable and enjoyable.

Besides earning BAT by viewing ads, Brave browser allows users to tip websites they frequently visit, which can be conveniently done through the browser’s auto-contribute feature.

Brave also incorporates IPFS (InterPlanetary File System), a decentralized protocol for file sharing and storage. With the integration of IPFS, users can directly access content from the IPFS network, eliminating the need for intermediaries.


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