TCG World Metaverse to team up with Two Lands Token to support archaeological studies

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TCG screenshot of gameplay
TCC screenshot of gameplay – Source:

TCG World Metaverse has announced a partnership with Two Lands Token, an ERC-20 cryptocurrency on the Ethereum network, to revolutionize how people engage with ancient history and inspire adventure.

Two Lands, founded by Jared Vergilis and Zach Ozyck, plans to create a community of history-buff crypto enthusiasts. Combining blockchain technology and traditional business approaches, it will create a platform to support and promote archaeological research, expeditions and advancements.

With an initial focus on ancient Egypt, Two Land said it recognizes the archaeological community’s financial challenges and is dedicated to finding innovative solutions.

Traditional funding sources for archaeological projects are becoming scarce, leading to delays and abandonment. The company also said that the increasing costs of publishing, indexing, cataloging and storage had created an urgent need for new approaches.

Uncovering the past to shape the future

Vergilis emphasized the importance of their mission, saying that uncovering the human past was essential to shaping the human future as a civilization.

Two Lands offers multiple revenue streams through its ecosystem, such as a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO), De-Fi gaming ecosystem, Two Lands Bazaar merchandise market, NFT projects and co-branded real-world products with strategic partners.

With the increasing adoption of blockchain technology, Ozyck believes that the emerging crypto market holds significant potential for supporting communities in need.

He explained that the ongoing pre-sale of Two Lands Governance Tokens (LANDS) was projected to gain momentum and attract a growing community of supporters.

To ensure widespread awareness and engagement, Two Lands plans to create a pilot episode for a docuseries that offers an inside view of the team and its mission. It will also launch The Everdeen Initiative, a nonprofit organization with a web-based platform.

This platform will connect academic projects with their supporters, providing insights into the aspirations, teams and hidden expenses linked to archaeological endeavors.

Through this platform, supporters can directly engage with the projects and make targeted donations towards these expenses.

The Two Lands team, comprised of crypto veterans and enthusiasts from diverse fields such as blockchain development, logistics, marketing and more, emphasized seeing Two Lands as more than a cryptocurrency. They view it as a brand with a vital mission and a potent means of generating awareness and donations.

Comedy in the metaverse

The partnership with Two Lands is not TCG’s first collaboration of the month. TCG had earlier announced a partnership with the $JOKE community to organize “Roasted,” the largest comedy festival in the virtual universe.

The founders of $JOKE, Simon Young and Andy Price, have a proven record of operating virtual comedy clubs for over two years. They are committed to showcasing outstanding comedic talent from across the globe. TCG World CEO and founder David Evans has supported its cause by becoming a shareholder in the Roasted Comedy Festival.

Jessica Toomey, the director of the prestigious Frog & Bucket comedy club in Manchester, U.K., also has joined as a shareholder. With her vast experience and connections with influential comedy figures worldwide, she is expected to bring valuable expertise and support to the project.

The month-long Roasted Comedy Festival, beginning in August, will feature a wide range of comedians performing on various metaverse platforms. Music artists will also be included between comedy sets to ensure continuous entertainment throughout the festival.

“We’re on the cusp of a technology revolution,” Evans said. He highlighted the partnership between TCG World and $JOKE as a catalyst for a fresh and imaginative approach to comedy.

Meanwhile, Young maintained that the Roasted Festival would redefine the comedy experience by surpassing the limitations of traditional virtual reality (VR) technology. Instead, it would introduce a cutting-edge, immersive performance space incorporating advanced technology.


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