SuperRare NFT art exhibition coming to New York’s 0x.17 gallery

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Pioneering marketplace for curated NFT artwork SuperRare is hosting a two-month exhibition at the 0x.17 gallery in South Street Seaport district, New York. Commencing on June 1, the event will display a thoughtfully curated selection of artworks by more than 20 SuperRare artists.

SuperRare said in a press release that the exhibition would display a collection of seven AI-themed artworks in various mediums, such as video, generative art, still images, poetry, music, 3D art and an avatar with an AI-generated voice. Each explores distinct philosophies and raises questions about our future concerning AI.

Speaking to CoinDesk, artist Claire Silver, who will open the event with her solo show entitled “Artifacts,” said that AI art had established a unique presence within the ever-changing realm of NFT art.

“There are entire movements happening in this space and within crypto art,” she said. “They’ve got their own formative artists and they live in the digital world. And we’re only going to spend more time in the digital worlds, in our lives and in the next generations to come, and AI will accelerate that.”

Throughout Silver’s exploration of AI, she has frequently integrated physical art with digital mediums. In earlier endeavors, she created acrylic abstract paintings and collected the dried paint “skins” before collaging them onto AI-generated portraits.

An artwork named “a feeling i can’t put my finger on” was minted for the pseudonymous art collector Cozomo de’ Medici and was recently donated to the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA).

NFT art in physical spaces

In May 2022, SuperRare introduced its inaugural pop-up gallery in New York’s SoHo district, signaling a fusion of physical and digital art. John Crain, the founder of SuperRare, believes that integrating NFT art into shared physical spaces contributes to the “humanization” of the artistic encounter.

While NFTs have revolutionized the digital art scene, Crain emphasizes that the essence of art lies in human connection and storytelling, which cannot be replicated in a purely digital environment.

Building upon the success of the previous year’s conventional and minimalist gallery event, the upcoming exhibition aims to prioritize dialogue and engagement among visitors. During the planning process, Crain and his team focused on designing spaces that foster conversations and create a relaxed and comfortable environment for active visitor participation.

They aim to break away from the academic and sterile atmosphere often associated with galleries and museums, recognizing that deep conversations about art require a different setting.

Crain believes in the importance of showcasing digital art in physical spaces. By bridging the gap between traditional and crypto domains, this approach allows people to unite and appreciate art together.

The SuperRare founder also highlights the significance of providing context for art in real-life settings, emphasizing that the nature of the artwork and the experience of encountering it play a crucial role.

In discussing art in the digital space, Silver acknowledges that art encompasses both an emotional and sensory experience. Galleries and museums have historically marginalized digital art due to the challenges associated with physically exhibiting and acquiring works that exist primarily in virtual spaces.

However, NFTs have emerged as a platform that allows artists and collectors to elevate artworks that visually capture the intangible aspects of our post-digital world. Through museum exhibitions, gallery showcases and immersive multimedia experiences, artists like Silver have witnessed their work come alive.


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