Sky Mavis launches new NFT marketplace on Ronin network

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Axie Infinity cover., tags: sky mavis nft marketplace ronin - CC BY-SA
Axie Infinity cover. – CC BY-SA

Sky Mavis, the creator of the popular NFT game Axie Infinity, has introduced its new digital market platform called Mavis Market. The platform will be hosted by its native blockchain, the Ronin network.

The new Mavis NFT marketplace structure aims to align incentives between Sky Mavis and the Ronin network. Creators will have the freedom to set their own fees, while a fixed fee will be provided to Sky Mavis for developing and maintaining the marketplace.

Notably, 0.5 percent of all NFT transactions will be allocated to the Ronin Treasury, making it the first time a Layer 1 blockchain receives a portion of a marketplace fee.

To ensure sustainability for NFT projects, Mavis NFT marketplace will enforce creator royalties at the protocol level. This addresses the challenge many NFT projects face in implementing royalties for creators.

Furthermore, deploying contracts on Ronin will require allowlist access, preventing unauthorized marketplaces and eliminating minimum royalties for builders. The Mavis NFT marketplace has already listed two NFT collections – Axie Doll and Sidekicks NFTs.

Bundled with new game

On top of the NFT marketplace launch, Sky Mavis has also unveiled a new mobile app called Axie Infinity: Origins. In this card-based game, players no longer need to purchase NFTs, as they receive non-NFT starter characters to play the game.

Axie Infinity: Origins will use Sky Mavis’ Ronin sidechain to facilitate the game environment.

The release aims to expand the player base by removing the requirement of owning the game’s NFT creatures called Axies, giving rise to a unique in-game economy.

Axie Infinity gained significant traction, attracting millions of users and creating opportunities for players to earn cryptocurrency by renting NFTs. Particularly in developing countries like the Philippines, players could earn comparable or even higher incomes than minimum-wage jobs.

However, the game’s popularity has waned over the past year as crypto prices and the value of Axie’s in-game cryptocurrency, Smooth Love Potion (SLP), have drastically declined.

Facing these challenges, Sky Mavis has decided to explore new strategies. Co-founder Aleksander Leonard Larsen expressed the need for more experimentation and tokens to revitalize the game.

Although the new mobile app eliminates the necessity of owning Axies NFT, players who already possess them can still use their creatures within the game.

The announcement of Axie Infinity: Origins has already had a positive impact on Axie Infinity’s native cryptocurrency, AXS, which experienced a significant 15 percent surge. The in-game cryptocurrency, SLP, also saw a modest increase of approximately three percent.

Approved on App Store

Software and smartphone manufacturer Apple has recently approved Axie Infinity: Origins to be listed on its mobile marketplace App Store. The game is available for download on iPhones in select countries across Latin America and Southeast Asia.

Those countries include Argentina, Colombia, Peru, Mexico, Venezuela, Indonesia, Malaysia and Vietnam. It is also available on the Google Play Store and Mavis Hub in many regions worldwide.

Apple’s approval to list Axie Infinity: Origins in App Store marks a significant milestone for the NFT and metaverse gaming industry. The tech giant had previously imposed restrictions on apps facilitating NFT trading. Last year, the company introduced a 30 percent tax on NFT transactions through App Store.

Sky Mavis co-founder Jeffrey Zirlin expressed his appreciation for Apple’s decision, highlighting its significance in driving broader adoption of NFTs and metaverse gaming. Zirlin also mentioned that the limited rollout on the App Store would help gather valuable data on user retention rates before a global launch.


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