Shiba Inu to launch metaverse project in phase by end of 2023

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The team behind the popular Shiba Inu (SHIB) coin announced Monday that its metaverse project would commence partially by the end of 2023.

However, they also revealed that this project might not be fully complete upon release. Instead, the metaverse project will be an ongoing and evolving endeavor with continuous development, incorporating new features and enhancements as it progresses.

Despite the project’s ongoing development, the platform will still offer users multiple hubs and essential tools right from the start to facilitate their ability to build and create.

Among the hubs that have been disclosed are Ryo Plaza, Canyon, WAGMI Temple, Tech Trench and Rocket Pond.

“While all development takes time, the MV team is confident that by the end of 2023, users will have the opportunity to explore some of the areas in this fantastic world, build, design, play and develop within it.”

Shiba Inu developer

As the release date approaches, the team continues to work to create a user-friendly and advertiser-friendly platform, catering to its growing user base.

Developments on metaverse

In a recent blog post on the Shiba Inu Ecosystem’s website, the developers shared updates on various areas of the Shiba Inu Metaverse project. This includes structural changes to the team, new designs, modifications to the Metaverse roadmap and refined vision.

There will be 100,595 plots of land in the metaverse that users can mint, allowing landowners to earn passive income while collecting in-game resources and rewards.

The developers are also planning to introduce a feature that allows players to earn money and have a personal space to build and manage their projects within the metaverse.

Furthermore, the Metaverse team is actively developing new hubs. They are confident that the quality of their work, particularly with the latest and improved photorealistic design, will surpass user expectations.

There are several key tools developed for the first version of the platform that can help users build with endless possibilities.

The first tool is the Plot Builder, a user-friendly tool that helps users to create and customize their land plots. There are many things users can do with this tool — place pre-built pieces and objects, adjust the terrain of the plot, add interactive elements to the plot, monetize the plot and publish the completed plots.

Next is the avatar builder, a distinct feature that separates the users’ avatars from other platforms — humanoid cats and dogs. With these avatars, users can explore, visit and interact with the virtual lands and elements on the platform and contribute to the game’s expansion and growth.

On the subsequent reveal of the platform, the developers will introduce Rocket Pond, a hub that will “take users to new heights.” A sneak peek of the previews is available for users to see on the website. The developers will also introduce a new tool called Game Maker in the next blog post.

This metaverse project is based in Shibarium, a layer two network that utilizes two Shiba ecosystem tokens, bone (BONE) and (LEASH).

Meanwhile, the platform is being created on Unreal Engine 5.1 — 3D computer graphics game engine — which has helped strengthen the pipeline and simplify the workflow process.

Aside from announcing the development, the Metaverse team also opened a new Twitter handle named @mvshib. Through this new account, followers can expect all communications and official updates regarding the SHIB project.

The team currently has a giveaway of ten free lands. To enter, users can click the “follow” button on Twitter and retweet the post made by the team. The contest ends on April 30.


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