Shiba Inu to launch four metaverse hubs in September 2023

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An image from a tweet by LucieSHIB, tags: shiba inu metaverse hubs - @LucieSHIB (twitter)
An image from a tweet by LucieSHIB – @LucieSHIB (twitter)

Lucie Sasnikova, a Shiba Inu marketing team member, shared on Twitter that the ecosystem would introduce four metaverse hubs โ€” Rocket Pond, WAGMI Temple, Tech Trench and Ryo Plaza โ€” in September. Sasnikova also revealed that the Shiba Inu metaverse would be accessible on PC, mobile and VR platforms.

In a statement released in April, the development team assured that users would have the opportunity to explore specific areas, designing, playing and developing activities within the metaverse.

โ€œHowever, it should be noted that not all areas of the metaverse will be fully completed as it is an ongoing project,โ€ the developers said.

Shiba Inu metaverse

WAGMI is an acronym that stands for “We’re all gonna make it,” a well-liked expression embraced by Shiba Inu enthusiasts and the wider cryptocurrency community.

This phrase reflects the communityโ€™s confidence in the cryptocurrency’s potential for expansion and success. Within the Shib Metaverse project, WAGMI Temple will be a hub dedicated to promoting health and wellness.

After WAGMI Temple, Rocket Pond will become the following attraction in line, providing visitors with a mesmerizing 3D flyover experience as they explore landmarks such as Lake Tahoe, Cape Canaveral and the Monument to the Conquerors of Space.

The developers have designed Tech Trench with architectural elements influenced by prestigious institutions such as Yale University, the Rolex Learning Center in Switzerland, and Nanyang Technological University in Singapore.

This post-modernist hub aims to serve as an educational center for crypto enthusiasts seeking to expand their knowledge of decentralized finance (DeFi), blockchain technology and dApp programming.

The Ryoshi hub is a tribute to the original creator of the Shiba Inu meme-coin, who departed from the project over a year ago. Although this particular hub garners significant attention, the team has kept its interior design under wraps, leaving much to speculation and curiosity.

Shiba Inuโ€™s metaverse will have 100,595 plots of land that users can create through minting. Owners of these plots can earn passive income, collect in-game resources and receive rewards.

The developers also plan to introduce a system that allows players to earn and acquire a personal space, allowing them to build and manage their projects. Meanwhile, users can create anthropomorphic canine avatars that will allow them to venture, explore and engage with various lands while actively participating in the in-game economy.

Shibarium, an upcoming layer-2 network operating on Shiba ecosystem tokens like BONE and LEASH, will be the foundation for developing the metaverse. The testnet for Shibarium is already active, indicating progress in its development.

Shiba Inu metaverse calling for women’s participation

During the third annual conference of The International Women of Blockchain (IWB) held in Washington, D.C., in March, Marcie Jastrow and Shytoshi Kusama, co-head of development for SHIB, engaged in a discussion about the Shiba Inu metaverse.

Kusama said that the widespread adoption of blockchain technology requiresparticipation from individuals of all genders and nationalities. In addition, Kusama plans to encourage the #SHIBARMY meme coin supporters to contribute to developing the metaverse game.

The head of the SHIB developer team also emphasized the reliability of the Polygon network, underscoring the significance of creating a secure and dependable foundation. According to Kusama, involving coders, developers, marketers and women-led projects is essential for successfully realizing ShibArmy’s vision.

Jastrow said women are pivotal in the decentralized community and significantly influence Shib-branded projects like Shib the Metaverse. She highlighted the presence of a women-led group called #shibwomen within the Shib community, which aims to foster growth through mentorship, positive influence and inclusivity.


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