Polygon Labs partners with Inspect to boost NFT adoption

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Polygon Labs has partnered with NFT Inspect to boost adoption and innovation in the NFT and Web3 space. As part of the partnership, NFT Inspect will provide essential insights into the NFT markets, ensuring users can access necessary information and knowledge to make informed market decisions.

Inspect President Oliver Cohen said that the partnership would empower the companies to explore new avenues for progress and innovation while equipping the Web3 community with the necessary tools and resources to flourish.

Polygon Labs has developed several protocols, including hybrid chains, sidechains and data availability protocols, to ensure developers can access major scaling solutions easily. The partnership between Polygon and Inspect seeks to make the NFT industry more interconnected, diverse and robust.

The partnership will integrate Polygon-based NFTs into the Inspect platform, promoting accessibility and interoperability. The companies also plan to encourage NFT and blockchain adoption through educational initiatives and community engagement programs. In addition, research and development efforts will focus on investigating new use cases and technologies to improve the Web3 and NFT markets.

Sanket Shah, head of growth at Polygon Labs, expressed excitement about the partnership, saying that Inspect shares their passion for advancing the NFT and blockchain ecosystems. The partnership will help foster an environment that promotes innovation and growth.

“We’re thrilled to have Inspect in the Polygon ecosystem, a company that shares our passion for advancing the NFT and blockchain ecosystems. By leveraging their expertise, resources, and technologies, they’re helping to foster an environment ripe for innovation and growth,” Shah said.

Polygon has seen massive adoption of its scaling solutions, boasting over 211 million unique addresses, 1.12 million smart contracts, 2.36 billion total transactions processed and tens of thousands of decentralized apps (dApps). The partnership with Inspect is expected to bring about remarkable advancements in the NFT space and promote wider adoption of blockchain technology.

Enhancing Polygon Supernets

As a part of its mission to accelerate the adoption rate of Web3, Polygon also has joined forces with Zeeve, a Web3 infrastructure-as-a-service provider, to enhance its Supernets.

Polygon’s Supernets are highly scalable blockchain networks designed to meet specific blockspace requirements. By partnering with Zeeve, the company seeks to simplify the deployment and management of app-chains on its network, offering infrastructure support, such as explorer, wallet and faucet, to businesses and developers.

Supernets also offer customizable virtual machines, native gas tokens, custom fee structures and compliance implementation choices, making it an ideal platform for developers to build on. With this collaboration, Zeeve aims to expand the benefits of its enterprise-grade infrastructure to over 20,000 developers and 100 institutions already on its platform who are looking to harness Polygon Supernets for their dApps.

Zeeve will offer comprehensive support for Polygon Supernets, including migration assistance and compatibility with new Supernets versions, secure RPC API endpoints, native cross-chain bridge plugin support and advanced monitoring systems.

This partnership represents a significant advancement towards simplifying blockchain development, ensuring scalability and app-specific customization, and bringing Web3 to the masses. Polygon and Zeeve’s collaboration promises to deliver scalable, secure and efficient Supernets AppChains infrastructure solutions while striving to enhance services for their clients.


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