Plushie Guardians set to revolutionize game economy in Web3

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New digital gaming company Plushie Guardians is set to revolutionize the GameFi model with its innovative approach to the Web3 space. The company recently announced the sale of exclusive NFTs for its first game, which promises to offer a sustainable and long-term economic experience.

The NFTs will be available on the Polygon network, with the project aimed at enhancing Web3 gaming by tackling problems such as lack of content, shallow gameplay and high dependency on new participants.

The game features an expansive universe with several unique characters and storylines, and it encourages players to construct productive chains by restricting their daily actions. The central character of the game is the resilient and agile Plushie Guardians, who will engage in turn-based battles with other gamers or AI. They will also use NFT equipment to obtain resources for Ascension and Crafting activities.

The sale features 10,000 Plushie OG NFTs, which grant access to the Web3 game and allows players to create new characters. These unique and valuable NFTs represent an opportunity for fans and project investors, as they are the only ones that can create new Plushie Guardians. Additionally, Plushies OG NFTs feature exclusive artwork and even a human-handcrafted backstory.

Commitment to engaging, sustainable gaming experience

The company’s focus on the GameFi model and its commitment to offering an engaging and sustainable gaming experience is a testament to its vision of creating a constantly growing ecosystem of games and entertainment. With the goal of attracting players worldwide, Plushie Guardians seeks to offer different degrees of interaction for Web2 and Web3 users.

Plushie Guardians’ new GameFi model will also allow players to participate in the development of their favorite franchises, allowing them to become investors in the game industry’s growth. This new form of relationship is made possible through blockchain technology and the Web3 space.

Plushie Guardians values the power of community and is dedicated to creating an environment that is inclusive and welcoming for players and fans of the project. Through its various communication channels, such as social media and Discord, members can discuss the project’s future and connect with other gamers.

The Plushie OG owners are also encouraged to be active members of the community and contribute to the projects’ development.

These reflect the company’s core values, which are deeply rooted in its belief that gaming should be more than just entertainment. The company will also invest all capital allocated for Plushie Guardians to pursue the long-term sustainability of its game. The team and founders are dedicated to realizing profits only after the intellectual property’s long-term success.

To reach such ambitious goals, Plushie Guardians has established partnerships with various companies, such as Dumativa and Meme Games studios. Through the partnerships, the company was able to create a deeper understanding of the distributed ledger technology ecosystem. It also brought in experts from distributed document verification system BBChain to help bridge the gap between Web2 and Web3.

As it aims to create a sustainable gaming experience, the game will be an expansive universe with multiple unique characters and storylines that will appeal to different audiences. It will also develop various products that will be targeted at Web2 users. Some of these include mobile and console games, as well as media content such as movies and books.

The minting date for the project is May 18, 2023.


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