NFT Korea Festival: What It Is, How It Works, All The Details

The NFT Korea Festival that took place this past March was a significant milestone for the NFT community, especially in Asia.

This event was not just an exhibition; it was a gathering of like-minded individuals sharing a vision for the future of Web3.

NFT Korea Festival
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A Recap of NFT Korea Festival

The NFT Korea Festival was a two-day event that took place on March 7th-8th, 2023, at the Dongdaemun Design Plaza (DDP) in Seoul, Korea.

Co-hosted by LM LLC and Superchief Gallery NFT, it was one of the largest NFT events in Asia, establishing Korea as a pivotal player in the burgeoning NFT landscape.

Venue and Organizers

Dongdaemun Design Plaza, a multi-cultural complex renowned for hosting diverse cultural events, served as the perfect venue for this innovative festival. The futuristic architecture of the DDP was a fitting backdrop for a festival dedicated to the digital future of art and commerce.

Participants and Activities

120 of the best local and international artists were featured, offering festival-goers an opportunity to discover outstanding NFT art pieces, curated works by Super Chief and leading local artists. The festival was also an opportunity to discover upcoming NFT projects.

Alongside the exhibition, the NFT Korea Festival was an educational hub with cutting-edge Web3 conferences connecting attendees with key players in the industry.

Metaverse Experience

Collaborating with META OASIS, the festival offered an intriguing experience in the metaverse. Participants discovered new NFT art collections at the DDP online exhibition and participated in special events exclusive to the NKF metaverse.

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Rewarding Participation

The festival offered an opportunity to own high-value NFTs. All works were available for immediate purchase, with attendees receiving weekly rewards through playNomm’s innovative ‘Act to Earn (A2E)’ reward model. The innovative model offered diverse reward options maximizing benefits for all users, with the chance to win blue-chip NFTs and Easter Eggs in the Lucky Draw.

Distinguished Speakers

The NFT Korea Festival boasted a stellar lineup of speakers from various sectors of the NFT and Web3.0 industry. Shavonne Wong from NFT Asia and Hannes Hummel, a digital artist and creative technologist, were among the many influential figures sharing their insights and expertise.

With a diverse range of speakers, the festival served as the perfect platform for gaining insights, learning about the latest trends, and networking with key industry players.

Complete list of speakers at the NFT Korea Festival

Below you can find the complete list of speakers who took part in the NFT Korea Festival:

  • Edward Zipco, Superchief Gallery NFT
  • Jun Hyuk Ahn, LEDGER
  • Aaron Ks, Coin Market Cap
  • Chanel Verdult, UnicornDAO
  • Colborn Bell, Museum of Crypto Art
  • Gabriel Yang, ARC
  • Elroy Cheo, ARC
  • Massimo Moretti, SIGNVM Group
  • Amos G,
  • Julie, A&T Capital
  • Deeps, Samadhi Ventures
  • Kadir Babaoglu, Volmex
  • Yu Kheng Pek, Wassies
  • Emily Yang (Pplpleasr), Shibuya
  • Swan Sit, Swan Co
  • Holly Wood, HollyWood Labs
  • Shavonne Wong, NFT Asia
  • Victor
  • Elise Swopes
  • Em1t
  • Coby Kennedy
  • David Krugman, ALLSHIPS
  • Pol Kurucz
  • Latashá AlcindorZora
  • LightFeet
  • Hannes Hummel
  • Thomas Durante
  • Rokkankim
  • Cloudynights
  • Mike IRAK, IRAK Crew
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Global NFT Festivals: A Flourishing Scene

While the NFT Korea Festival has made substantial waves in the Asian NFT community, it is part of a growing global phenomenon.

Various cities across the world are hosting similar festivals, reinforcing the prominence and potential of NFTs in the future of art, technology, and economy.


Held annually in the vibrant city of New York, NFT.NYC is a grand event attracting creators, collectors, and curators from around the globe. The festival has rapidly earned a reputation for its comprehensive showcase of NFT art and technology, featuring insightful panels, interactive workshops, and exclusive exhibitions.

The event is not only a platform for artists to display their work but also a thought-provoking space where experts share their views on NFT trends, legal implications, and market dynamics.

NFT BZL – Miami

Moving to the sunny beaches of Miami, NFT BZL is another international festival that has gained popularity in recent years. Combining elements of art, technology, and fashion, the festival offers a unique, multidimensional NFT experience.

It boasts a rich program, from immersive art installations and exclusive NFT drops to panel discussions on the evolution of blockchain technologies in the art world.

Paris NFT Day

Europe is not far behind in embracing this innovative trend. Paris NFT Day brings together French and international NFT communities in a dynamic exchange of ideas and experiences. This festival stands as a testament to the growing interest in NFTs in the traditional art scene, as renowned galleries, artists, and tech visionaries come together to explore the fusion of art and technology.

These events, coupled with the NFT Korea Festival, underscore a global shift towards NFTs, effectively shaping a future where digital ownership and artistry go hand-in-hand. As these festivals continue to expand and multiply, they undoubtedly enrich the global dialogue around NFTs, offering innovative platforms for creativity, knowledge sharing, and investment.

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Looking Back and Looking Forward

Reflecting back on the NFT Korea Festival, it’s clear that it was more than just an event. It was a stepping stone for the future of NFTs and Web3.0, a dynamic hub of learning and exploration for artists, enthusiasts, and curious minds alike.

In retrospect, the NFT Korea Festival didn’t merely showcase the most outstanding NFT art pieces in the industry, but it also offered an all-encompassing view of the NFT landscape. With various interactive activities designed to enhance the experience and create lasting memories, the festival left its mark on everyone who attended.

As we anticipate future editions of the festival, it’s evident that NFT Korea Festival was not only a remarkable event but also a testament to the growing relevance of NFTs in the global digital art scene. Korea has indeed cemented its position as an essential player in the NFT landscape. Through events like the NFT Korea Festival, the future of NFTs and Web3.0 looks bright, with Asia taking a leading role in its evolution.