NFT Funko: Exploring the New World of Digital Pop!

With NFT, Funko is revolutionizing the collectibles industry by merging the physical and digital worlds.

The beloved pop culture manufacturer, known for its distinctive stylized figurines, has embraced the trend of non-fungible tokens (NFTs), introducing Funko Digital Pop!, a series of digital collectibles that are taking the NFT space by storm.

NFT Funko
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The Story of Funko

Before we delve deeper into the world of NFT Funko, it’s important to understand the origins and evolution of Funko as a company.

The journey of Funko from a small project to a publicly-traded global entity is a fascinating tale of innovation, resilience, and a deep understanding of pop culture trends. Let’s take a trip down memory lane and explore the story of Funko.

The Early Years

Founded in 1998 by Mike Becker, Funko was initially conceived as a small project to create various nostalgia-themed toys. The company’s first manufactured bobblehead was of the well-known restaurant advertising icon, the Big Boy mascot.

The Introduction of Wacky Wobblers

In the early 2000s, Funko introduced the Wacky Wobblers, a line of bobbleheads featuring a variety of characters from popular culture. This line became a hit and marked a significant step forward for the company.

The Arrival of Brian Mariotti

By 2005, Funko’s products had become so successful that they caught the attention of Brian Mariotti. Mariotti bought the company and expanded its licensed product lines, bringing a new era of growth and innovation.

The Creation of Pop! Vinyl Figures

In 2010, Funko introduced what would become its most iconic line of products – the Pop! Vinyl figures. These cute, stylized figures of characters from all corners of pop culture were an immediate success, propelling the company to the forefront of the collectibles industry.

Funko Goes Public

Fast-forward to 2017, Funko went public and the company’s stock began trading on NASDAQ. This marked a major milestone in the company’s history.

The company has continued to innovate by adding new lines of products, such as Funko Soda, Mystery Minis, and now, Funko NFTs.

Funko in the Digital Age

Funko’s move into the digital space with their NFTs shows their commitment to staying relevant and on the cutting edge of pop culture trends.

The introduction of Funko NFTs, or “Digital Pop!” as they call it, is a testament to their continuous evolution as a company and their commitment to exploring new frontiers in the collectibles industry.

Funko figures
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What is NFT Funko?

NFTs, or non-fungible tokens, are unique digital assets stored on a blockchain. The “non-fungible” part means that each NFT is unique and cannot be replaced with something else, making them ideal for representing ownership of unique items or experiences.

In the case of NFT Funko, these digital collectibles are stylized figures that mirror the distinctive design of physical Funko Pop! figures. Each Funko Digital Pop! is an NFT, making it a unique digital asset that you can own, trade, and even redeem for physical items in some cases.

This move marked Funko’s transformation into a Web3 company.

Funko NFT Drop

In a unique twist to the NFT space, Funko Digital Pop! are released in a series of drops, with each drop introducing a new collection of digital figures. These Funko NFT drops are one-time events that offer a limited number of packs of Digital Pop!, creating a sense of scarcity and excitement around each release.

The quantity for each series is set and will not be re-released, making each Funko NFT drop a unique opportunity to collect these digital figures.

The latest example of a Funko NFT drop was a collaboration with Nickelodeon, available exclusively on the NFT marketplace

These digital collectibles offered fans a new and exciting way to own a piece of their favorite pop culture brands and characters, all in the distinctive Funko style.

Funko heroes
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Buying and Tracking NFT Funko

Funko Digital Pop! can be purchased through the platform using a Droppp account and a credit card. Each purchase transaction is capped at $60USD, and you can make multiple purchase transactions during the drop.

Funko Digital Pop! purchases can be tracked and managed through your Droppp account and the TokenHead app, available for download on the iOS App Store or Google Play.

For each Funko NFT drop, there are two purchase options:

  • Standard, which offers 5 Digital Pop! collectibles for $9.99 USD
  • Premium, which offers 15 Digital Pop! collectibles for $29.99 USD

Cards within each series have varying rarities ranging from Common to Grail, with some select items redeemable for a physical Pop!.

Redeeming a Digital Pop! for a Physical Pop!

One of the unique aspects of NFT Funko is the ability to redeem some digital figures for physical ones.

120 days after each Funko NFT drop, each WAX account with a qualifying Digital Pop! will receive a Redemption Token, a redeemable NFT that represents a collection achievement. This token can be redeemed for a physical Pop!, which is shipped globally (shipping fees and restrictions may apply). These physical Pops! are exclusively available through Digital Pop! redemption, and each Pop! will be exclusively stickered, adding to their collectible value.

This innovative blend of the digital and physical realms sets NFT Funko apart in the NFT space, allowing collectors to enjoy the best of both worlds.

Game of Thrones figures
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The Pinnacle of Funko Collecting: The Holographic Darth Maul

Among the myriad of Funko Pop figures, certain ones stand out due to their rarity and the fandom they represent. One such figure is the “Funko Pop! Star Wars: Holographic Darth Maul”. This figure, which was released as a part of the 2012 San Diego Comic-Con exclusives, quickly gained attention due to its limited production of just 480 units. As a result, it swiftly became a coveted item among collectors, and its value skyrocketed.

What makes this Darth Maul Pop so special is its holographic design, which is a unique feature not commonly seen in Funko Pops. This design element enhances the menacing look of the Sith Lord, making it a must-have piece for Star Wars and Funko collectors alike. As a testament to its desirability and rarity, a mint condition Holographic Darth Maul Funko Pop can fetch up to a staggering $3,500 in the collectors’ market today.

This figure stands as a shining example of the potential value of Funko Pops, both in monetary terms and in the joy and satisfaction they bring to collectors. The Holographic Darth Maul Pop, in particular, embodies the excitement of the hunt for rare finds and the delight in owning a piece of pop culture history. Whether you are a Star Wars enthusiast, a Funko collector, or both, the allure of such a prized piece is undeniable​.

In the future, even some Funko NFTs could achieve these results and become an NFT trend.

The Future of NFT Funko

The Funko NFT drop concept and the blend of physical and digital collectibles suggest an exciting future for the world of NFTs and digital art. As the world continues to embrace digital assets and NFTs, we can expect to see more innovative concepts and collaborations that bring together the best of the digital and physical worlds.

The advent of Funko NFTs may well be a game-changer in the collectibles market, redefining how collectors acquire, trade, and display their prized assets. Imagine a future where your digital collection is as visible and valued as your physical one, with the same level of artistry, detail, and personal significance.

Moreover, the integration of blockchain technology adds a layer of security and transparency that is highly appealing in the collectibles market. With this technology, ownership and provenance are irrefutable, ensuring that your valuable digital assets are protected.

Lastly, Funko’s venture into NFTs might pave the way for other collectible manufacturers to explore this digital frontier. This could lead to an even more diverse and exciting market for collectors and fans.

Given Funko’s history of innovation and their knack for capturing pop culture trends, we’re excited to see where they’ll take NFTs next.