NFT NYC 2023: TRON DAO talks about NFT, blockchain

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The 12-member team of TRON DAO, a decentralized blockchain system, attended NFT NYC 2023 last week to introduce their system to a broader audience in person.

NFT NYC 2023 took place at the Dream Hotel, with eight stages featuring seven categories – Art, brand, Community, Future, Gaming and Legal. It aims to “bridge the gap” between the digital and physical worlds as NFTs become popular.

The event also enabled newcomers to gain knowledge about the realm of NFTs through exposure. At the same time, artists, builders and agencies could use it as a platform to showcase and advertise their creations.

Among other activities, guests could engage in exclusive IRL live minting, NFT raffles and giveaways. They could also see and purchase physical artworks by well-known artists such as Trevor Jones, Violet Jones and Yanis | Ethik Design.

Over 1,300+ speakers and 6,000+ registered attendees celebrated the evolving world of NFT at the event. In addition, attendees were able to collect over 18,000+ NFTs and posted 250,000+ tweets with #NFTNYC2023.

Future NFT possibilities

The TRON DAO team connected with participants, projects and potential partners through this huge event. The team talked about how TRON currently has the highest number of daily active users of any blockchain – 1.6 million users – surpassing Ethereum, Polygon, Bitcoin and BNB Chain.

Statista data show TRON has the second-highest total locked values (TVL) among all blockchains, at $4.15 billion (10.7 percent) in the DeFi ecosystem. It is slightly higher than BNB’s $4.08 billion (10.52 percent).

The team also represented the TRON DAO community by engaging NFT and Web3 enthusiasts. Three of TRON DAO’S leaders – Dave Uhrniak, Firoz Lakhani and Jason Dukes – took the event’s main stage as part of two different panels.

Uhryniak, TRON’s Lead of Ecosystem Development, joined the four-people panel that discussed “Decentralization through NFT.”

Meanwhile, Lakhani and Dukes discussed “Navigating the Future: Turning to Careers in a Decentralized World.” Dukes also took to his Twitter account and mentioned some points he made on stage, calling them “PREP-ortunity” as a way to pivot a Web3 career.

They also established partnerships with artists and builders who have worked on other blockchains and invited them to expand their work on TRON.

Lastly, NFT enthusiasts peeked into NFT possibilities in the TRON ecosystem. They were curious about what they could create using Ethereum Virtual Machine compatibility and what they could sell on the ever-growing APPENFT marketplace.

New partnership

After the successful event, TRON DAO announced a partnership with Uquid, a leading Web3 platform for purchasing physical and digital goods and services, to enhance its offerings and improve the overall user experience. At the same time, the collaboration promotes a more decentralized and interoperable digital economy.

Since 2016, Uquid has been developing a Web3 marketplace that sells millions of physical and digital goods, utilizing DeFi and NFT technology. Their goal is to serve 50 million users by 2027.

Using the TRON blockchain, Uquid is paving the way for a new era of digital commerce.

Uquid will integrate payment options into their marketplace using $TRX and $USDT on the TRON network. It simplifies the process for users to purchase over 120 million physical, digital and NFT products.

TRX offers a fast and cost-effective payment option for digital transactions, and USDT provides users with a stable value for their transactions, mitigating the usual volatility concerns.

With TRON’s fast and secure network, Uquid can offer its users a quicker and more secure payment process. In the future, Uquid can also develop new applications and services to benefit its users.


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