NFT artist Fewocious reveals upcoming ‘Fewos’ collection

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NFT artist Fewocious has announced the upcoming release of his latest digital art collection, “Fewos.”

Comprising 20,000 unique characters within the Web3 universe Fewoworld, these profile-picture (PFP) NFTs will be available for minting in late August. The collection features meticulously crafted generative avatars with “squiggly eyes, linework bones and everything in between,” each hand-drawn in 2D and then sculpted into 3D.

Divided into three distinct species – Frankensteins, Misunderstoods and Humanoids – the details of each NFT will be revealed as the minting date approaches, slated to be during the week of August 21. Currently, there are no details on the price.

“It’s so insane to make 20,000 little beings that are generated and feel like my art. In a different dimension!!! Threeee deeeeeeee,” Fewocious said.

Ahead of the public sale, two presales will be available for holders of Fewocious’ previous Paint Drop collection and other Fewocious digital art token holders.

Paint holders will be granted access to the exclusive Paint Holder Presale, allowing them to use their Paint Drops to claim a complimentary Fewo. Then, holders of other Fewocious artworks, including Canvas, Fewocious art and previously released wearables, will gain entry to the Fewocious Art Holder Presale, allowing them to mint a Fewo at a discounted price.

What awaits collectors in upcoming release

According to its website, each Fewo will be released with a unique backpack wallet, made possible in collaboration with Manifold. These backpack wallets are ERC-1665 tokens, allowing Fewos to transform into a functional wallet and securely hold their NFTs.

This novel concept, popularized by xNFTs and the standard ERC-6551 token, allows for the seamless integration of the backpack wallet.

This wallet will be useful in claiming a mint pass for FewoFashion, a digital wearables and accessories collection.

The incentives for Fewo holders continue even after the minting process. Once collectors acquire a Fewo, they can redeem “Flowers” for their Fewos. These Flowers NFTs will serve as mint passes, granting access to obtain future FewoFashion wearables and accessories.

Paint holders will have the opportunity to redeem one complimentary Flower for each unit of Paint in their Paint Drop. As for non-Paint Drop holders, all other minted Fewos will also be eligible to redeem one free Flower. These Flowers can be exchanged for exclusive wearables and accessories during the designated “blooming events” organized by Fewo.

Fewocious’ NFT foray

Victor “Fewocious” Langlois is a standout figure in the NFT space. Since his early teenage years, he has showcased his talent, with his intellectual property spanning across the blockchain in extensive collections and exclusive 1/1 auctions.

At 17, he sold his first painting for $90 in 2020. Within two years, he transitioned to selling his artwork as NFTs and achieved astounding sales surpassing $50 million.

In April 2022, Fewocious introduced the “Paint” generative art collection, comprising images of paint drops set against a sky backdrop. Within 24 hours, he sold $20 million worth of NFTs. Now, the collection has a 3,725 ETH total volume, approximately $6.98 million.

The following October, Fewocious collaborated with the David Bowie estate. The collaboration resulted in an animated NFT and a remarkable seven-foot-tall physical sculpture. It was sold for $127,000.


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