Neon Dreams — GOG announces major cyberpunk game sale

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GOG, the popular digital distribution platform, has announced Neon Dreams, a major sale of cyberpunk games. The sale features a variety of classic and new titles in the genre, offering fans a chance to grab some of their favorite games at discounted prices.

Being a PC gamer can be expensive, but GOG discounts can be a helpful solution. With the cost of new releases on popular platforms like Steam or the Epic Games Store increasing to $70, many players are seeking more affordable options.

The sale offers games such as System Shock 2 and Blade Runner: Enhanced Edition. Discounts for these titles range from 10 to 90 percent. The sale is set to run for a limited time, so fans are encouraged to check out the deals before March 13.

GOG is known for offering a wide selection of DRM-free games, making it a popular platform for gamers who want more control over their gaming experience.

In the early 2000s, PC games started to become more commonly sold in digital formats, causing concerns among gamers about DRM control. CD Projekt Red recognized this problem and established GOG, which stands for “good old games,” to provide DRM-free versions of games. This approach has proven prevalent among gamers who prefer to avoid more prominent digital distributors and purchase games on GOG instead. 2023 Neon Dreams Sale

Some of the standout titles in the sale include the sci-fi horror System Shock 2, which is still widely considered one of the best immersive sims of all time despite its 1999 release date and aging graphics. The System Shock community has kept the game alive with mods that enhance the graphics and fix bugs. This title is available on for $2.49, a 75 percent discount from its original price.

Similarly, Orbital Bullet is a voxel-based roguelike game that brings the arcade shooter experience to PC with wraparound-level designs like the original Defender. The base edition is available at a 50 percent discount for only $8.49.

Shadowrun Returns has a 75 percent discount and is available for $3.75. The game combines the cyberpunk and fantasy genres into a unique world where spell-casting Orcs coexist with half-elf hackers.

Gemini Rue is a point-and-click adventure game published by Wadjet Eye Games, which has produced more than a dozen adventure titles. It incorporates influences from Blade Runner and Cowboy Bebop into a captivating narrative. GOG offers a 70 percent discount for this title, currently priced at $2.99.

Superhot is a first-person shooter that allows players to manipulate time, creating an experience that emulates a John Wick movie. The base game can also be enhanced with mods that provide more weapons and levels, but players can also enjoy spinoffs like Superhot VR and Superhot: Mind Control Delete. This FPS can be purchased for $7.49, a 70 percent discount.

Blade Runner: Enhanced Edition, available for $7.49 at a 25 percent discount, is a point-and-click adventure game released in the late 90s, which is considered the golden era of adventure games. This game has received an update that includes improved subtitle and gamepad support, enhancing an already excellent game that provides a different experience each time you play.

GOG also offers Katana Zero for a 40 percent discount, priced at $8.99. It is a recent cyberpunk game that boasts a remarkable soundtrack and emphasizes linking ultra-violent kills together in a seamless dance of brutality, allowing players to assume the role of a powerful ninja while eliminating waves of enemies armed with guns.

VA-11 Hall-A: Cyberpunk Bartender Action is a unique game that combines a visual novel with bartending gameplay. It takes place in a futuristic city where you listen to the stories of diverse citizens while providing them with advice and drinks. The game has relatable characters and issues that players can easily connect with and is available for $10.04 at a 33 percent discount.


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