MultiVersus to go offline temporarily with plans to relaunch in 2024

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On April 4, Warner Bros. and Player First Games’ MultiVersus, a free-to-play crossover fighting game, is set to be taken down from digital stores, and by June 25, 2023, it will no longer be playable.

“We’ll be pausing updates and taking the game offline as we prepare for the launch of MultiVersus, which we are targeting for early 2024,” Player First Games’ CEO and co-founder, Tony Huynh, said.

In his announcement, Huynh acknowledged that much work still needs to be done. He outlined several focus areas for the team, including releasing new characters, maps and modes to enhance gameplay.

Huynh also said the developers plan to improve net code, enhance matchmaking and rework the progression system based on player feedback. Therefore, the team has been exploring new ways for players to connect with friends in the game.

While the game will relaunch early next year, MultiVersus players will have access only to the game’s offline modes, which include the training room — also known as The Lab and local matches.

No refunds

Since its launch, MultiVersus has been referred to as an “open beta” game by Warner Bros. and Player First, and the game has yet to be advertised on digital game storefronts.

With the recent announcement, many players wonder what will happen to their previously earned or purchased in-game content once the MultiVersus Open Beta concludes.

According to FAQ posted by Player First, all progress and in-game content will carry over when MultiVersus relaunches. This includes unused Gleamium, Battle Pass tokens, character tickets and other in-game items.

The developers also confirmed that players would keep their hard-earned progress and items when the game goes offline and can pick up where they left off when MultiVersus returns. It’s worth noting that the closure of the Open Beta won’t change any existing refund policies or terms, meaning refunds won’t be provided.

Numerous players and fans have been responding to the announcement on social media. Some expressed disappointment that they had spent up to $100 on Founder’s Packs but have yet to get refunds.

“This may well be one of the most stupid decisions I’ve ever heard,” a player with the username Toadsanime wrote on Twitter.

He said it is unfair for MultiVersus to shut down the game for over a year without warning, leaving those who have invested real money unable to play.

About MultiVersus

MultiVersus launched on Steam, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X | S in July 2022 and has undergone various updates since then.

It quickly became a popular game on Steam, receiving over 93,000 user reviews with a “very positive” overall rating.

There have been two seasons with purchasable season passes, high-profile crossovers and a professional tournament with a prize pool of $100,000 at Evo.

MultiVersus’ gameplay is similar to that of Super Smash Bros. However, instead of featuring only classic Nintendo characters, it also presents a mix of fighters from WB-owned IP, such as Shaggy from Scooby-Doo, Superman from DC Comics and Bugs Bunny from Looney Toons.


MultiVersus is a 2022 free-to-play crossover fighting game developed by Player First Games and published by Warner Bros. Games for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Windows, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S. (wikipedia)

Warner Bros. Games

Warner Bros. Games is an American video game publisher based in Burbank, California, and part of the Global Streaming and Interactive Entertainment unit of Warner Bros. Discovery . (wikipedia)


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