Microsoft for Startups supports new Metagame Web3 title Abyss World

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According to a press release on March 23, Metagame Industries will receive new benefits from Microsoft for Startups to speed up the development of Abyss World, its upcoming Web3 game.

Metagame is a gaming studio utilizing blockchain, cloud and artificial intelligence technology to build future metaverse and Web3 games. It became one of the beneficiaries of Microsoft’s ID@Azure Program, designed to support startup and indie game developers.

“We’re excited to work with Microsoft’s tools and technology to create innovative and immersive gaming experiences and push the boundaries of what’s possible in the web3 gaming industry,” Metagame CEO Joe Zu said.

Metagame’s Abyss World is an action open-world RPG heavily reminiscent of Dark Souls’ dark fantasy setting. The game has been in development for some time, though no release date has been announced at the time of writing.

However, Metagame’s collaboration with Microsoft for Startups is an important part of its development, opening the game to new OpenAI services, technical support capabilities and business opportunities.

New artificial intelligence has become an especially prescient area of interest for gaming. In an Abyss World press release, Metagame spoke about the possibilities of using OpenAI in its gaming experiences, enhancing NPC dialogue trees and improving combat tactics in PvE gameplay. The technology promises to provide more immersion for Abyss World players and add to the game’s worldbuilding.

Microsoft’s various resources also provide cloud-based gaming technology, allowing Abyss World to expand to broader markets.

While most games are limited to different hardware like PC or consoles, cloud technology simplifies the transfer process by making various gaming experiences, often including multiplayer, accessible on other devices and platforms. Microsoft’s offerings also promise to vastly refine the game’s current performance, cutting down on latency and allowing the game to run smoother.

Developers can still apply to the ID@Azure Program to gain benefits and tools from the Microsoft kit. While Metagame did not elaborate on all the tools provided by the tech corporation, the program also offers educational resources on code and access to its online PlayFab platform.

Abyss World’s signature style

Abyss World distinguishes itself from its competitors through its lush, gothic worldbuilding and a heavy focus on high-quality gameplay.

Taking clear inspiration from the ubiquitous Dark Souls series, Abyss World is a third-person game set in the world of Nordinia, where “souls” emerge from the sea and into the world. However, a disruption in the universe’s balance causes souls to stop emerging from the sea, allowing filth and abyss to fester.

Players have to reignite the lighthouses of a drowned and desolated civilization, lighting the path to salvation while resurfacing the sins of an ancient world. Along the way, players will be able to interact and shelter the souls of the sea, connecting to their characters and populating a new world with them.

As a Web3-based game, Abyss World features a dynamic economy with its own set of assets and financial systems. Players earn equipment and currency by defeating the game’s primary content before trading them in the marketplace for a competitive edge.

Players can also convert and create NFT assets in the game through the NFT factory system. Although the current system includes a three to five percent crafting fee for different NFTs, the system may change over time depending on further developments in management and partnerships.

Despite the lack of a release date, Metagame has given out a development roadmap for investors, which includes a helpful view into 2023. The game will begin private tests in Q2 2023 before releasing an alpha and launching on Epic Games in Q3, then fully completing its launch in Q4.


Microsoft Corporation is an American multinational technology corporation headquartered in Redmond, Washington, United States. (wikipedia)

Microsoft 365

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