JOMO Effect NFT project campaigning for mental health in Web3

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The world of NFTs has been expanding rapidly, and a new project has emerged with a mission to make a difference in the lives of people within the Web3 community. The JOMO Effect NFT project is a collection of 40 unique digital art collectibles by various artists focusing on wellness and mental health.

JOMO stands for joy of missing out, which is a contrasting feeling to FOMO or fear of missing out. The project will be available through the Magic Eden marketplace on the Ethereum scaling network Polygon.

The collection is one of the projects of Peace Inside Live, a collective of digital artists, content creators and mental health and wellness advocates.

This project is set to launch on May 10. Creating a JOMO Effect NFT will cost 24 MATIC (around $23.1). Proceeds from the drop will be distributed to five mental health charities — LOVELOUD Foundation, The MINDS Foundation, Aakoma Project, Half The Story and the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention.

Artists and partners joining the collection include spiritual theorist Deepak Chopra’s Seva Love project, Jeremy Fall, Jana Stern, Time magazine’s Timepieces, House of First, Brittany Pierre, Coco Stardust, Dr. Lemni Perez, Jimena Buena Vida, Kira Bursky and Christina Flynn.

Collectors who purchase at least five JOMO Effect NFTs will get a special edition Adam Bomb Squad NFT for each set of five, and those who collect all 40 unique NFTs will get timepieces and tickets to events by House of First.

Web3 and mental health

Web3 can be a lonely place, with users living online, physically disconnected from other humans.

“I’ve been a strong advocate of mental health awareness over the years, and I think it’s something that needs to be given more prominence in Web3. JOMO is a great way to bring artists together to help deliver a message Interesting new approach,” said artist Jeremy Fall.

Peace Inside Live co-founder Jordana Ream expressed the company’s dedication to promoting mental wellness, particularly emphasizing their deep concern for anxiety, which they believe is a significant mental challenge, especially within the tech and Web3 sectors.

Peace Inside Live Web3 manager Jana Stern echoed Ream’s statement, saying, “I have spent my entire life advocating for mental health and wellness, and the JOMO Effect has been an incredible opportunity to make an impact on a large scale in this way.”

The collapse of FTX last year, along with other notable platform shutdowns, raised widespread concern in the crypto world. Events like these helped inspire the creation of the JOMO Effect initiative.

Partnerships with Seva Love, Chopra Foundation

The JOMO Effect is a product of collaboration between Seva Love and the Chopra Foundation, which provides mental health-focused benefits for NFT holders, including an exclusive online meditation with Chopra.

Other perks include access to Peace Inside Live’s library of classes, as well as meditations and discounts on metaphysical and wellness services, which will help improve personal well-being and create joy from within through conversation, art and community.

Peace Inside Live co-founder Shira Lazar said that besides using the Polygon blockchain to mint NFTs, Polygon Labs has also partnered with the group to support the JOMO Impact initiative.


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