Immortal Game partners with Polo & Pan to launch music-themed NFT chess pieces

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Music just met Chess! Immortal Game and @Polo_and_Pan team up to bring Music into Chess, through a unique and limited collection of Chess Pieces 🌈

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Music just met Chess! Immortal Game and @Polo_and_Pan team up to bring Music into Chess, through a unique and limited collection of Chess Pieces 🌈

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Immortal Game and Polo & Pan have partnered to introduce a unique collection of 500 music-themed digital chess pieces, which will be available as NFTs on the Ethereum scaling network Polygon.

Called β€œImmortals,” the tokenized digital chess pieces are intricately linked to optional quests promoting particular gameplay styles. The NFT chess pieces designed by Polo & Pan unlock new quests, provide entry to exclusive tournaments and showcase visual animations and audio soundtracks curated by musicians.

Owners of these NFTs will also enjoy tangible benefits in the real world, such as concert tickets, hand-picked Spotify playlists, a chance to play online matches against Polo & Pan and the eligibility to vote on upcoming collections.

Enthusiasts and collectors can join an allowlist on Immortal Game’s platform and acquire the exclusive digital assets co-designed by Polo & Pan. The official sale commences on May 19, featuring 400 NFT pieces priced at $39 per piece and 100 special-edition pieces available for $399 each.

Polo & Pan brings music and aesthetics to World of Chess

In 2013, Paul “Polocorp” Armand-Delille and Alexandre β€œPeter Pan” Grynszpan joined forces to create Polo & Pan, a French electronic music duo. They gained acclaim for their unique fusion of electronic, tropical and world music styles.

Their collaboration with Immortal Game involved designing vibrant chess pieces that reflect their artistic vision. Polo & Pan also expressed their excitement about merging their music and aesthetic into this innovative digital medium, considering themselves passionate chess and gaming enthusiasts.

Immortal Game is a fast-developing Web3 endeavor categorized as play-to-earn. It allows players to earn utility CMT tokens by winning games and making progress on the leaderboards.

The game welcomes players of every skill level to engage with their platform and generate income. Including quests, especially in fast-paced Blitz games, enriches the gaming experience, making chess enjoyable even for those who aren’t experts.

With a substantial online following, the game attracts an extensive player base, estimated at 800 million globally, engaging in around 20 million daily games across different platforms.

Users can create an account, select four chess pieces from their inventory, and engage in matches with other players. The chess pieces are specially designed by Immortal Game, featuring traditional pieces like pawns, bishops, knights and more.

In addition to regular gameplay, Immortal Game introduces a metagame element where unique chess pieces are represented as NFTs with varying rarity levels.

Immortal Game aspires to revolutionize online chess game

By using Web3 technologies and fostering a convergence between artists and gamers in the digital domain, Immortal Game strives to expand the reach of chess to a broader audience.

Integrating blockchain technology and NFTs, Immortal Game aims to revolutionize the online chess landscape and cultivate a strong community spirit. The surge in chess popularity, partly driven by the COVID-19 pandemic and the immense success of the Netflix series “The Queen’s Gambit,” has propelled this effort.

The advisory role of Scott Frank, the producer of “The Queen’s Gambit,” further enhances Immortal Game’s development and direction. The company has raised $15.5 million in two rounds of funding, with a significant $12 million secured in a round conducted in July 2022. TCG Crypto spearheaded the Series A round, with notable participants such as Greenfield One, Cassius, Sparkle Ventures, Blockwall, Kraken Ventures and Spice Capital.

Immortal Game co-founder and CEO Thomas Zaepffel believes that chess is more than just a game. It embodies a cultural phenomenon and serves as a platform that draws inspiration from music, arts, sports and entertainment.


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