Haircare brand Living Proof, ByondXR join forces to launch VR store

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Science-fueled haircare company Living Proof, Inc. has partnered with experiential e-commerce platform ByondXR to offer consumers an immersive and interactive online shopping experience in the form of a virtual store in the metaverse.

The store utilizes Extended Reality technology, featuring HD-quality 3D and 360-degree visuals, four interactive virtual rooms and an innovative AI Hair Quiz — all designed to showcase the brand’s “Science in Action” philosophy.

Living Proof — founded in 2005 by a team of biotech scientists and renowned hair stylists — introduced a unique brand that prioritizes science in developing innovative solutions for real-world hair problems.

Instead of relying on a single product to solve all hair concerns, Living Proof offers customized formulas engineered to target specific issues.

“Living Proof has always used cutting-edge technology to solve real-world hair problems. This new digital experience is the perfect vehicle to further immerse Living Proof’s community in our brand and to learn more about how our innovations are continuing to push the boundaries of hair care.”

Zach Reiken, Living Proof CEO

Customers can explore Living Proof’s latest products and best-selling innovations through the virtual store while learning about the brand’s journey of delivering exceptional hair care products to millions of people.

The immersive experience also provides opportunities to win exclusive discounts and receive free samples from top sellers.

ByondXR, the brand’s partner for this virtual store, uses advanced technology to offer a dynamic and interactive shopping experience.

One standout feature is the educational gamification that encourages users to navigate the space and discover a hidden 3D Fortifying Tech easter egg, with free samples awarded as an incentive.

Virtual store experience

The virtual store greets shoppers with the Dry Shampoo Center, showcasing the brand’s top-rated Advanced Clean Dry Shampoo and Perfect Hair Day Shampoo. Alongside this is a gallery wall featuring community testimonials, reinforcing Living Proof’s position as the market’s number one Prestige Dry Shampoo.

In the second room, consumers are presented with a shopping shortcut where the brand guides shoppers to specially curated product selections and provides a streamlined path to check out through its AI Hair Quiz.

The AI Hair Quiz is an industry first — allowing visitors to personalize their haircare routine. Developed by Reveive, a company specializing in personalized digital beauty experiences driven by AI and AR, the real-world experience of consulting with an in-salon stylist is brought to the metaverse.

Living Proof’s AI Quiz invites customers to explore its hair routine and desired outcomes. After a visitor takes a selfie, its patented mobile diagnostics technology analyzes the image to determine hair type, volume, curl shape and color. Based on the results, a personalized routine of hair care products and treatments is recommended to maintain healthy hair.

The third room of the virtual store is designed as a Living Proof salon experience that features Triple Bond Complex — a weekly leave-in repair treatment that clinical studies have proved to rebuild the hair structure. With this patent-pending technology, hair can become eight times stronger and appear smoother and shinier after a single use.

Testimonial videos from stylists and the community highlight the real-life outcomes of using Triple Bond Complex. The videos also showcase why hair stylists favor this treatment over the leading bond builder. This treatment makes hair look healthier, feel smoother and be more conditioned.

The final area of the virtual store — the Sustainability Corner — displays Living Proof’s recycling program in partnership with U.S.-based recycling business Terracycle, providing consumers with a clear guide on how to recycle their Living Proof products.

Living Proof (Camila Cabello song)

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In science fiction, the “metaverse” is a hypothetical iteration of the Internet as a single, universal, (wikipedia)


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