Getty Images, Candy Digital to launch new NFT collection

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images ANNOUNCE –

Digital collectibles platform Candy Digital will again join forces with Getty Images to unveil “City Diaries: Visual Narratives From Around the World,” a collection of NFT photographs.

Embarking on a visual exploration of cities worldwide, this new collection provides a glimpse into the essence of seven iconic cities around the globe — the vibrant streets of New York, the timeless charm of London, the romantic allure of Paris, the bustling energy of Tokyo, the cultural richness of Mexico City, the exotic allure of Istanbul and the vibrant tapestry of Mumbai.

In their first collaboration, Getty Images and Candy Digital successfully introduced the “’70s Music & Culture Collection,” transporting rare images of music icons from the 1970s into the digital realm of Web3.

The latest collaboration shifts the focus from the realm of music to the world of urban landscapes. This time, the two companies aim to captivate photography enthusiasts by presenting a compelling blend of history and culture through the collection.

City Diaries’ photographer lineup

City Diaries will feature the world’s renowned photographers, showcasing their distinct artistic visions. Among these talented artists is Bert Hardy, who revolutionized the field by abandoning the traditional large-format press camera in favor of the more agile 35mm Leica. His contributions to the collection promise to offer a unique perspective on the urban landscapes captured through his lens.

There is also J.F. Davis, an emerging talent recognized for his remarkable ability to depict sports and culture in a dreamlike aesthetic. His striking visuals bring a fresh and imaginative dimension to the City Diaries collection, further enhancing the project’s diverse range of artistic styles and narratives.

During the curation of City Diaries, Getty Images took great care to reflect the intricate complexity and vibrant richness of the cities featured in the collection. Drawing from the extensive Getty Images Archive, the team selected a range of images that encapsulate the very essence and spirit of each metropolis.

To enhance the collecting experience, Candy Digital has introduced an opportunity for collectors to own limited-edition photographs. These packs, curated explicitly for City Diaries, consist of two images, each representing a specific city from the collection.

What adds excitement to the process is the blind minting experience, where users will not know in advance which two images they will receive.

An exclusive reward awaits dedicated collectors who manage to assemble all four images of a particular city, either through the primary or secondary marketplace. They will be granted a unique Eiffel Tower chaser asset, a special and rare addition.

Following the footsteps of the successful ’70s Music & Culture Collection, City Diaries will also feature a complimentary introductory digital photograph available for minting during the drop. This image, believed to be taken in the 1930s, portrays a nostalgic scene in which a boy climbs onto another’s back energetically to gain a free vantage point for a baseball game.

The City Diaries collection has been up for grabs since June 1 at 1:00 p.m. ET, and the sale will continue until June 30 at 5:00 p.m. ET, 2023.


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