GameFi Launchpad: What It Is, How It Works, The Best Platforms

Using a GameFi launchpad is one of the easiest way to invest in the gaming industry.

The gaming industry has been one of the fastest-growing sectors globally, with billions of dollars in revenue every year. As the industry continues to grow, developers are seeking innovative ways to fund and launch their games. GameFi launchpads are the latest solution for funding next-generation gaming projects through decentralized finance (DeFi) mechanisms.

In this article, we’ll explore what GameFi launchpads are, how they work, and the most famous ones in the market. We’ll also examine the pros and cons of investing in GameFi launchpads.

GameFi Launchpad

What is a GameFi launchpad?

A GameFi launchpad is a platform that provides support for funding and launching next-generation gaming projects through DeFi mechanisms. It enables game developers to raise funds from investors and enthusiasts, tokenize in-game assets, and create new revenue streams using blockchain technology.

GameFi launchpads aim to create a more accessible, fair, and decentralized gaming industry by leveraging the benefits of blockchain and DeFi ecosystems.

Many GameFi projects have achieved success using a launchpad.

How a GameFi launchpad works

A GameFi launchpad operates similarly to traditional crowdfunding platforms, but with the added benefit of blockchain technology. Game developers can present their projects to potential investors, who can then fund the project using cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin or Ethereum. In return, investors receive tokens that represent their investment, which they can trade on cryptocurrency exchanges or use in the game’s ecosystem.

Once the project is funded, the GameFi launchpad platform distributes the tokens to investors, and the game development process begins. As the game progresses, developers can create new in-game assets and tokenize them, providing investors with new investment opportunities.

Using a GameFi launchpad is one of many ways to invest in Web3.

What are the most famous GameFi launchpads?

The GameFi launchpad industry is still in its early stages, but some platforms have gained traction in the market. These platforms allow you to early find NFT projects, games and other projects related to GameFi and invest in them.

Here are the most interesting ones.

Binance Launchpad

Binance Launchpad is a one-of-a-kind platform that offers exclusive early access to promising new crypto tokens across different projects, while also supporting awareness and adoption efforts for these projects.

In order to ensure the quality and viability of the projects featured on their platform, Binance conducts a thorough investigation process. They carefully evaluate the project’s maturity level, scalability potential, and overall contribution to the blockchain and crypto community before accepting them.

Since its establishment in 2019, Binance Launchpad has successfully raised funds for more than 60 projects.

Binance Launchpad
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Gamestarter is an innovative platform developed on DAO Maker, dedicated to elevating crowdfunding for independent games. Among its standout features is the IGO (Initial Game Offering) insurance, which safeguards all IGOs against launch failures or team errors, providing up to 300K USD protection.

The platform’s versatile metaverse offers fractionalized NFTs and an integrated game-testing environment, where each game island provides private NFT drops, regular gifts, leaderboards, and IGO-whitelisting.

Gamestarter logo
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GameFi is a blockchain-based platform that brings together developers, investors, and casual players from around the world.

It features a unique ranking system based on $GAFI staking, offering a range of benefits to users depending on their tier. GameFi also includes a launchpad, which allows users to invest in upcoming projects and earn potential rewards.

With its innovative approach to gaming and investment, GameFi is quickly gaining popularity among those looking to explore the potential of blockchain technology. Logo
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Enjinstarter is a key component of the Enjin platform, which specializes in developing blockchain games. This launchpad is dedicated to expanding game developers’ digital assets and blockchain strategies, in line with its native decentralized IDO platform.

To participate in an IGO through Enjinstarter, investors are required to stake the EJS token, much like most other popular crypto launchpads. Staking EJS tokens will place investors in different tiers, which will determine their participation and allocation in the IGO. The minimum staking requirement is 25,001 EJS, while the maximum is 500,001 EJS.

Enjinstarter stands out for its focus on enabling creators to utilize NFTs as an alternative source of funding for their initiatives, which is a notable trait of the platform.

enjinstarter logo
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GamesPad is a leading launchpad in the gaming industry that focuses on top crypto launchpad projects, NFTs, and the metaverse. Its multi-chain platform makes investing more accessible and provides greater flexibility for buyers.

The launchpad collaborates with top crypto projects on various blockchains, including Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, and Polychain. As a community-driven platform, GamesPad’s decentralized IDO design ensures that all stakeholders, from investors to entrepreneurs, have access to the necessary resources to achieve their goals.

Security is a top priority for GamesPad, and a team of experts carefully evaluates each project before its launch to ensure that only the most promising and high-return initiatives are available.

As a newly launched platform, GamesPad presents a unique opportunity to participate in a brand-new investment space and secure your place in the upcoming IGOs.

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Seedify operates on the Binance Smart Chain, offering players the opportunity to vote on the direction and decisions of submitted initiatives. To ensure security, all investors must undergo Know Your Customer verification before participating in an IGO.

Investors can then purchase SFUND tokens to invest in projects through a tier system. Seedify has a nine-tier system, with the first tier requiring a minimum of 250 SFUND, distributed via a lottery system.

Starting from the sixth tier, investors can enjoy private token sales and are guaranteed their shares in all other tiers.

Seedify logo
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Pros and cons of investing in GameFi

Investing in GameFi launchpads has its benefits and drawbacks. On the one hand, investing in GameFi launchpads can provide investors with early access to potentially profitable gaming projects, as well as the ability to trade tokens on cryptocurrency exchanges. On the other hand, GameFi launchpads are still a relatively new industry, and investing in them can carry significant risks, such as project failures and fraud.

Additionally, the GameFi launchpad industry is still largely unregulated, which can make it challenging for investors to seek recourse in case of fraud or project failure. As such, investors should conduct thorough research before investing in any GameFi launchpad project and be prepared to accept the risks involved.

In summary, investing in GameFi could lead you to earn a lot (as happened to those who have invested in the best crypto games available on the market) or lose a lot.

Conclusion about GameFi launchpads

GameFi launchpads are an innovative solution for funding and launching next-generation gaming projects.

By leveraging the benefits of blockchain and DeFi ecosystems, GameFi launchpads aim to create a more accessible, fair, and decentralized gaming industry. While investing in GameFi launchpads has its benefits, it’s important to conduct thorough research and be prepared to accept the risks involved.

As the GameFi launchpad industry continues to evolve, it will be interesting to see how it transforms the gaming industry and provides new investment opportunities for cryptocurrency investors.