Floor app expands to include support for Solana’s NFTs

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We’ll be returning all SOL in the honeypot by the end of the day. https://t.co/H1GO1pMZaC https://t.co/Xj4NBRYnrd – @MadLadsNFT (twitter)

Floor, a popular mobile app that allows users to track their NFT portfolios, has recently announced its expansion beyond the Ethereum network to include support for Solana NFTs. This expansion comes after Solana NFT collection Mad Lads dropped.

Solana is now the second layer-1 blockchain platform supported by the app. This Floor app tracks NFT projects like Solana Monkey Business, Claynosaurz and Okay Bears on iOS and Android. Although the feature will be launched to the public on May 8, the app has announced that it will offer beta access to a select group of users before that date.

Floor’s CEO and co-founder Chris Maddern said the Solana Foundation played a crucial role in the app’s expansion into the Solana ecosystem.

Maddern said that the Foundation assisted in understanding the technology and identifying potential partners in the space. He also hinted at the possibility of future collaborations between the two entities.

The exec also voiced his excitement for the upcoming public projects on which the app will collaborate with the Foundation again. These projects aim to improve accessibility and understanding of NFT data for developers and users alike.

According to Maddern, there has been significant demand from Floor users for Solana support. The CEO also claimed that the Solana network is well-suited for facilitating the widespread adoption of NFTs in crucial sectors such as “gaming and credentialing.”

The New Yorker said that Solana is among a select few blockchain platforms expected to significantly bring many users on board to new NFT use cases. Floor is looking forward to collaborating with Solana to make the entire Solana NFT ecosystem straightforward, understandable and user-friendly.

Floor app’s growth

In June 2022, former Robinhood Crypto COO Christine Hall joined Floor as COO, coinciding with their $8 million seed funding round announcement. Later, in January 2023, Floor acquired and integrated NFT analytics platform WGMI.io.

After the acquisition, Floor hired WGMI founder Thomas Mancini as a full-time member. The company plans to merge the capabilities of both platforms, expand the team and increase WGMI’s user base to over 10,000 active users on Floor.

In addition to the integration, Floor is experiencing a surge in monthly active wallets, with Maddern reporting that the number has risen to over 50,000. According to the company’s earlier report, this surge represents a significant increase from the approximately 22,000 unique wallets connected in January.

Floor has also rolled out new social features that enable users to acquire a tokenized username. Despite the decline in mobile crypto wallets, as per Andreessen Horowitz’s “State of Crypto” report, Maddern claimed that mobile apps and platforms can still have a unique role in the NFT ecosystem.

He said that their team has realized that mobile use cases in Web3 may not necessarily revolve around transactions but exploration and discovery.

Mad Lads’ launch

The launch of Mad Lads, a 10,000-piece PFP project on Solana blockchain, has generated over $10 million in secondary trading volume, surpassing Ethereum projects in 24-hour trading volume.

Mad Lads was introduced as the first NFT project by the all-in-one wallet Backpack and is based on executable NFTs (xNFTs) that allow token-gated experiences and playable games within the app.

The mint was delayed due to bot attacks, but Coral, a tech/wellness startup, set up a fake mint to lure bots and made $250,000 before refunding users.

Since its launch, Mad Lads has boosted Solana’s NFT market, with sales exceeding $14 million on 22 April. This success has encouraged other projects like Floor to migrate to Solana, as it had not seen significant mints in months after popular projects like DeGods and y00ts moved to other blockchains.


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