Fingerprints DAO partners with Mercedes-Benz to release unique NFT collection

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Fingerprints DAO has partnered with German luxury car manufacturer Mercedes-Benz to launch a unique NFT art collection.

The car wheel-inspired “Maschine” generative art collection, created by acclaimed Dutch artist Harm van den Dorpel, features 1,000 tokens on the Ethereum blockchain. Supported by Mercedes-Benz’s Web3 wing Mercedes-Benz NXT, the collection will be available through a Dutch auction starting June 7.

According to a series of Twitter messages, Mercedes Benz NXT has plans to release three primary collections. The innovative studio 0xNXT will conceive, create and oversee these collections. Mercedes-Benz NXT also aims to incorporate supplementary projects and ventures within its NFT ecosystem.

Comments on the collaboration

Van den Dorpel, a member of Fingerprints DAO, has been a trailblazer in the field of blockchain-based art since 2015. His innovative approach utilizes generative algorithms to produce dynamic and continuously evolving artworks.

He claimed that the values of innovation and aesthetics upheld by Mercedes-Benz are in line with his approach to making generative art.

“It was an honor to be asked for this drop and be given the trust to make a truly generative experimental art piece,” said van den Dorpel.

The artist also highlighted how blockchain technology’s technical features have helped solidify the fluid nature of digital art in terms of ownership, provenance and preservation, further emphasizing the significance of this collaboration.

According to Fingerprints DAO founder Luiz Ramalho, the collaboration with Mercedes-Benz NXT helps connect the emerging digital art realm with the traditional art world.

Ramalho explained that the partnership has the potential to capture the attention of regular individuals who may not be familiar with the advancements in the Web3 space.

He maintained that through this collaboration, they could demonstrate the meaningful nature of artworks created using new technologies.

Mercedes-Benz NXT

Mercedes-Benz recently launched Mercedes-Benz NXT, a specialized platform focusing on blockchain-powered digital art and collectibles.

Spearheaded by 0xNXT, the creative studio aims to offer valuable perspectives on the concept of collectibility. It also seeks to enhance predictability for collectors through a structured framework and provide a sneak peek into what can be anticipated.

As mentioned on its official website, the newly formed team seeks to extend the collectible aspect of Mercedes-Benz vehicles and memorabilia into the digital domain, encompassing all the brands and products within the Mercedes-Benz portfolio.

According to the company, Mercedes-Benz NXT signifies the firm dedication to establishing a presence within the Web3 community, acknowledging the growing importance of this space.

It acknowledges the importance of predictability and foresight in digital art and collectibles. To address this, they have devised a framework represented by an ecosystem diagram.

This framework categorizes its initiatives into core collections, satellite projects and peripheral projects, offering a clear and structured approach to its endeavors in this space.

Mercedes-Benz NXT’s core collections, managed by 0xNXT, are carefully curated and released under the Mercedes-Benz brand. These collections are interconnected coherent stories, with the first collection set to be revealed soon.

Satellite projects are independent projects in collaboration with external partners. They offer more creative freedom and flexibility than the core collections. These projects prioritize fun and experimentation without being constrained by long-term plans. An example is “What is Nature?” by artist Seunghyo Jang, commissioned by Mercedes-Benz Korea, which is not directly related to Mercedes-Benz NXT.

Lastly, peripheral projects are external initiatives that independently use Mercedes-Benz trademarks, either through official licensing or fair use. While these digital projects are not directly connected to Mercedes-Benz NXT, they may receive support from the company.


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