Find Satoshi Lab’s latest GNT V3 turns selfies into NFT

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Find Satoshi Lab has recently unveiled its latest innovation, GNT V3. This AI-powered NFT generator allows users to turn selfies into NFTs. Using advanced AI algorithms, the GNT platform excels at transforming ordinary images into extraordinary works of art.

GNT pushes the limits of digital self-expression, enabling users to become creators of their own distinct digital masterpieces. These creations are poised to be showcased and monetized within the dynamic Web3 ecosystem as they push the boundaries of what’s creatively conceivable.

According to Yawn Rong, the co-founder of Find Satoshi Lab, the emergence of Web3 technology signifies the beginning of a new era. In this era, the integration of individuality and blockchain technology redefines the concept of personal expression.

Rong describes GNT V3 as an innovative platform that enables individuals to effortlessly convert their personal photographs into visually striking AI-generated NFT artwork.

“With GNT, we’re pushing the boundaries of digital self-expression and enabling users to become creators of their own unique digital masterpieces, ready to be showcased and monetized in the vibrant Web3 ecosystem. We are pushing beyond conceivable creative boundaries,” said Rong.

By utilizing GNT, users are empowered to push the limits of digital self-expression and become the creators of their own distinct digital masterpieces. These creations can then be showcased and monetized within the dynamic Web3 ecosystem. Yawn Rong expresses their ambition to surpass conventional creative boundaries through this venture.

GNT versions

In April, GNT V1 made its exclusive debut on the Solana blockchain, offering users a unique and immersive experience within the Solana ecosystem. It introduced the groundbreaking ability to generate and mint individual NFTs.

GNT V2 introduced a new feature that allowed users to generate and mint entire collections of NFTs. This expansion enabled creators to unleash their creativity on a larger scale, presenting a collection of related digital artworks to the audience. Now, with GNT V3, users can incorporate their own source material into the generation and minting process.

Find Satoshi Lab co-founder Jerry Huang acknowledged that the response from their community regarding the launch of GNT had indicated a strong desire for this technology.

According to Huang, while the world is still trying to understand the advantages and disadvantages of AI technology, his team has been diligently working for several months to explore innovative applications. This endeavor aims to place unlimited creative potential into the hands of creators.

The team believes V3 will revolutionize how individuals engage with and appreciate digital art. They anticipate it will open fresh avenues for creativity, self-expression and economic opportunities within the Web3 domain. This launch signifies the possibility of transforming the way digital art is perceived and consumed.

As the newest addition to the FSL product suite, GNT emerges as a powerful tool designed to lower entry barriers into the Web3 ecosystem, facilitating the seamless onboarding of the next generation of NFT creators.

With GNT, creators gain a streamlined process for producing a significant volume of NFTs, which can generate up to 1,000 unique tokens in a single batch. These NFTs are then securely uploaded to the blockchain, where they become readily available for trading through the MOOAR marketplace.

To enhance the discoverability and market presence of these NFTs, creators can leverage the FairMint feature, allowing them to launch curated collections for public sale on NFT Launchpad MOOAR.

These collections are introduced to the market for a limited 12-hour period, during which buyers can acquire these exclusive digital assets. Any unsold NFTs at the end of this period are permanently locked, ensuring a sense of scarcity and increasing their desirability among collectors.


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