Fenix Games, Immutable collaborate to drive Web3 gaming growth

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Game publisher Fenix Games has partnered with Immutable to identify, support and launch Web3 games to achieve widespread mass adoption.

This partnership comes following Fenix Games’ successful $150 million funding round for its self-proclaimed “VC fund” in November 2022, with plans to invest in promising upcoming Web3 titles and acquire established Web2 studios.

Fenix Games has decades of expertise in developing and expanding licensed and original IP games that have captivated millions of gamers across the globe. Some popular franchises under Fenix Games include Madden Mobile, Need for Speed Mobile, The Sims Mobile and Plants vs. Zombies.

By partnering with Immutable, which has a proven track record and robust infrastructure, Fenix Games will seamlessly venture into the Web3 ecosystem. After all, Immutable is dedicated to enabling digital ownership for every player through the development of secure and user-friendly Web3 games.

By leveraging the capabilities of Immutable, Fenix Games aims to navigate the complexities of the Web3 sector with confidence, reducing risks for developers and accelerating the industry’s overall growth.

In exchange, Fenix Games will bring some of the best gaming development teams to Web3. They will curate, advise and publish high-quality live services for games in Immutable’s ecosystem.

“As we seek to expand the Immutable offering in service to the best web3 games, we are thrilled to welcome Fenix Games to the Immutable family,” said Immutable VP of global business development Andrew Sorokovsky.

“Considering the founding team’s experience, both at AAA publishers and in web3 at Mythical Games, we can’t wait to work together to build the future of gaming.”

Fenix Games chief business officer Rudy Koch said the collaborative efforts focus on accelerating the growth of the Web3 games sector. At the same time, it can provide a smooth pathway for “top-tier” game developers to enter Web3.

“We are thrilled to partner with such a talented team of innovators and are excited about the prospect of a long-lasting and fruitful collaboration,” said Koch.

When discussing the broader industry, the Fenix Games team believes in the future of Web3. They emphasize their focus on developing a breakout game that will captivate the audience and push the boundaries of the web3 gaming landscape.

Plans for future

In an interview with Australian media Stockhead, Koch revealed the strategy to build on the blockchain portfolio.

One strategy is to find successful Web2 games that can be converted into Web3, blockchain-enabled games. They recognize that the games industry thrives on hit titles, so by focusing on the integration of proven web2 games into the web3 ecosystem, they can streamline the process and accelerate their web3 initiatives.

“This narrows down the risk profile, and allows us to test our web3 hypothesis faster,” said Koch.

Koch is thrilled about the possibilities that Web3 brings to the table, as it addresses the unmet needs within the games industry. For the past three decades, digital item sales have been a part of the industry. However, with blockchain technology, Fenix Games and Immutable can now fully explore and tap into the immense potential of this digital economy.

Fenix Games expressed its enthusiasm for the upcoming game lineup they are currently evaluating, which includes a mix of existing Web2 games and exciting new Web3 experiences. Although unsure about what the first title of the collaboration might be, Koch hinted that it would be a mobile game from a top-tier developer.


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